3 Tips on Cleaning Your Refrigerator Condenser Coil

There is no household appliance we rely on more than the refrigerator. If this device isn’t working correctly it disrupts our household harmony like few others. When the fridge isn’t keeping things cold the condenser coils are often the culprit. With routine maintenance of these coils the fridge will operate more efficiently and extend the life of the condenser. Thankfully for refrigerator repairs in New York city residents have Appliance doctor.

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A common reason for the fridge not cooling as intended is because the condenser coil needs to be cleaned. Depending on the model, for older fridges these coils are generally located at the back but check your manual to be certain. The coil is easily recognizable it resembles a black metal grate with fins. These coils collect dust and are magnets for pet hair. Cleaning the condenser coil is a fairly straight forward process particularly on older models.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the power chord. If the coil is located at the rear of the fridge you may need a hand sliding the fridge out of a kitchen nook and spinning it around.

Grab the vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush attachment and lightly give it the once over to take out the bulk of the grime. Follow up with a small hand brush and lightly dust down the coil with a focus on brushing gently between the fins until clean. Slide the fridge back into place, plug it in your good to go.

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Newer refrigerators often have the condenser coil located underneath the fridge. These configurations have a fan that assists in the movement of air between the fins  to keep the coil cool in its reduced surface area. Similar to how a fan in a vehicle blows air through the radiator. The location of these coils combined with the moving parts present more of a challenge to the average person. Unless you are experienced in refrigerator maintenance servicing here is best left to a professional refrigerator repair company like New York’s Appliance doctor.

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