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A refrigerator door that won’t close properly leads to excessive energy bills, leakages, and food spoiling. Therefore if you notice a problem you should get it fixed straight away. At the Appliance Doctor, we specialize in refrigerator repairs and will come to you in White Plains, the Bronx or wherever you are based in NYC. Here are three reasons why your refrigerator door won’t close properly.

The Appliance Doctor is the Top Choice for NYC Residents

When your fridge won’t close, the first thing you need to do is check there is nothing physically blocking the door. Then take a look at the door gasket as it may have become twisted or started to come away. If there is a problem with the seal, it may need replacing so that you can close your refrigerator. For quality parts for all types of units, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor in NYC.

Use a Local NYC Technician for Efficient Refrigerator Repairs

Another part to check is the door’s hinges. Not being able to shut the refrigerator could be due to misalignment. If you have the tools handy and feel confident with repairs, you can loosen the hinge and make adjustments then re-tighten. However, you can also leave this to the experts. Whether you are in the Bronx or White Plains we can come to you to identify and fix the problem.

Get Your Refrigerator Working Efficiently With the Appliance Doctor

You should also check the spacers on the hinges. If these are missing or have worn down this could also be the reason your refrigerator won’t close properly. Simply by inspecting your appliance, you should be able to work out what the problem is. At the Appliance Doctor, we have parts available for all makes and models and perform work to the highest standard in NYC. If you find your refrigerator isn’t closing properly you should have it looked at as soon as possible as you will be wasting unnecessary power and food.


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