Dryer noise can be inconvenient at any time of the day. However, there are ways to reduce it to maintain the peace and quiet in your home. If you think your dryer is excessively noisy, you can get in touch with the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx. Here are five ways to reduce the noise your dryer makes.

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Think about your load. If there is anything that will be particularly noisy during a cycle, you may want to consider hanging it on a drying rack. Things to look for include, metal buckles, belts, fasteners, and hooks. Take the time to check your pockets before putting your load on. Loose keys and coins can cause damage as well as make the cycle noisier. These items thrash against the dryer walls creating unnecessary noise.

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Check your floor is level. If it isn’t, you might find your appliance shakes creating a din. Make sure each of the four feet touch the ground. If any are off, tighten the nuts on the dryer feet and check again. You may have to move your machine to ensure a level surface. If this isn’t possible, wedge the legs that don’t touch the floor. If your dryer is too loud, you can also look at vibration pads. These are made from a thick rubber that you can slide under the base. They absorb the vibration created from the motion of the cycle which diminishes the sound.

Easily Find Dryer Repairs in the Bronx

Your dryer will suffer from wear and tear over time. If your appliance is too noisy, you might need to hire a repair specialist. It may require replacement of the drum rollers or the belt idler pulley. At the Appliance Doctor, we have these parts on hand and could fix your dryer right away. Just call our friendly team, and we can ensure your machine runs smoothly and reduce the noise it makes. We will provide you with quality parts and top notch service.

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