The majority of energy consumed by your washing machine is by heating the water. So it pays to question whether or not you need to run a hot cycle. At the Appliance Doctor, we have plenty of energy saving tips for your washer in New York. There are a few things to consider when selecting your run cycle. Here’s how to determine whether to wash your laundry on a hot or cold cycle.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Washing Machine Advice

While cold water works for some types of laundry, others need to use water 130F or above. If you have clothes that are excessively soiled, you will need to use a hot wash. Likewise, your sheets or bedding can benefit from a hot cycle in your washer. The higher temperatures ensure thorough disinfecting. If you do choose a hot cycle, then make sure you keep like colors together to prevent bleeding. If you notice the cycle is no longer effective there could be a problem with your machine. For speedy and reputable repairs contact the Appliance Doctor.

Get the Most out of Your Washer in NYC

Using cold water to wash your laundry will stop most dark or colored items from fading or running. A cold cycle also reduces the chance that washing will shrink. If fabrics are only lightly soiled or have coffee, wine or blood stains, then you can opt for a cold wash. You may find you need to pretreat stains as it may not be as effective as a hot wash. If you have any concerns with your washer call our friendly team at the Appliance Doctor.

NYC Residents Choose the Appliance Doctor for Repairs

No matter what you are washing, you can use cold water for the rinse cycle. Even if you do use a hot wash, a cold rinse will still save on energy. Plus you can benefit from reduced wrinkling. Regardless of the temperature of the cycle if you are experiencing problems contact the Appliance Doctor in NYC.


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