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Using a washing machine is simple. Put your washing and detergent in and let it take care of the rest. However, there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid to extend the life of your washing machine. If you have made any blunders and need fast washing machine repairs in the Bronx contact the Appliance Doctor. Here are four things you should avoid doing to your washing machine.


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Modern washing machines have all sorts of functions to ensure your clothes are clean at the end of the cycle. However, they can’t read the tag and set the appropriate setting. Don’t ignore the tags as different fabrics require specific settings. If you don’t, you may end up with your laundry shrinking or damaged. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your clothes survive the wash cycle. If you don’t think it is working properly you can contact the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx.


Avoid putting all of your laundry on the same setting. There is no ‘one size fits all’ function and you should read the tags to determine the right setting. Read the instruction manual to program your machine for your laundry. The majority of your laundry can be washed on one setting; however, certain fabrics require special setting such as knits.


Bronx Residents Can Rely on the Appliance Doctor


Steer clear of adding extra laundry detergent. It won’t make your clothes any cleaner. In fact it may not rinse away properly leaving residual water in your clothing or it can clog up your machine. If you have any concerns about your washing machine contact the Appliance Doctor.


If you’ve not got time to empty your washing machine then delay the cycle. If you leave wet clothes inside your washing machine, it will start to smell. This is caused by the forming of mildew which not only smells bad but is bad for your health. Ensure you are going to be available to dry your laundry after it has finished washing.

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