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Using your washing machine is an easy enough task, but are you making the most of it? By not using your appliance properly you could be wasting valuable time and energy. The Appliance Doctor specializes in washing machine repairs in Yonkers. Here’s how to make the most of your washing machine.

The Appliance Doctor Provides Advice on Washing Machine Use

It can be tempting to fill your washing machine right up and get all of your washing done in one load. However, each machine can only effectively clean so much. If you overload your appliance then you may find you have to wash it all again in two separate cycles. Your washing requires spaces to move around as well as ensure the detergent reaches each item. It doesn’t do any favors to your washing machine and you may find it breaks down quickly. For affordable washing machine repairs in Yonkers contact the Appliance Doctor.

Yonkers Residents Contact the Appliance Doctor for Repairs

To get your clothes clean you should measure out enough detergent for each load. Taking the extra time to do this ensures your clothes will be cleaned properly. Too much detergent and you can cause damage to your machine over time. Too little and the items will need re-washing. Regularly clean the dispenser drawer so that you can be sure only detergent is cleaning your clothes. You don’t want any nasties such as mold or mildew getting into your cycle. The Appliance Doctor has extensive experience with washing machine services and repair and can come to you anywhere in NYC.

Find Expert Advice on Washing Machines in Yonkers

Pay attention to the instruction manual and read about the different functions. One cycle is not meant for all of the laundry that you have. Your delicates will require different handling to bulkier items. Some cycles can help you save energy. Get the most out of your appliance by pre-sorting your laundry and selecting the right cycle. If your washing machine isn’t working properly, the Appliance Doctor can help you in Yonkers.

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