They both essentially do the same thing and wash your clothes but which one is right for you? There are a number of factors which may influence which is the right machine for you. The Appliance Doctor is experienced with repairing both top loader and front loader washing machines all across New York City. Let’s take a look at how these types of washing machine measure up in terms of energy efficiency, capacity and speed.

The Appliance Doctor’s Guide to Washing Machines

Front loaders tend to be more energy efficient than top loaders. This is due to the horizontal drum using gravity to help move the clothes around during a wash cycle. The front loader also typically uses 50% less water which makes it even more environmentally friendly. However, the top loader proves more energy efficient if using cold water.

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Generally top loaders have a larger capacity. This can be useful for large families who have a high volume of washing. Whereas front loaders are generally smaller which can be handy for singleton’s or couples who have a smaller amount of washing. The top loader and front loader suit different circumstances in terms of their capacity.

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Top loaders are extremely quick which can be convenient as we lead busy lives. Cycles are usually 15-20 minutes long whereas front loaders can take up to 2 hours to complete a wash cycle. This is because in a top loader clothes are immersed in water for the duration of the cycle allowing a quicker washing process.

Top loader and front loader washing machines have a variety of pros and cons. Consider energy efficiency, capacity and speed to help you choose which type of washing machine is right for you. Front loaders are typically more energy efficient than top loaders. If you are looking for a large capacity, a top loader is ideal for you. If time is a factor, a top loader’s wash cycle is much quicker than a front loader. If you have any washing machine repair needs, the Appliance Doctor is ready to take your call.

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