There are a number of options available if you want to get rid of your refrigerator in the Bronx, Manhattan or anywhere in New York City. The Appliance Doctor is available for repairs to any refrigerator both old and new. Here are four ways to remove and dispose of an unwanted refrigerator.

The Appliance Doctor’s Refrigerator Removal Advice

The City of New York will remove your unwanted appliances for free. Simply call them to make an appointment for collection. Remove doors, hinges and locks for safety. Place on the curbside with the back facing the road on your agreed collection day. If you’re having a clear out you can place up to six appliances out for collection. If you’re getting rid of your refrigerator because you suspect it’s not working contact the Appliance Doctor first as a simple repair may be cheaper than replacing.

Manhattan Residents Depend on the Appliance Doctor for Appliance Repair

If you’re unable to get your refrigerator to the curbside you may consider using a junk removal service. There are a number of different companies that offer this throughout New York City. Get a few quotes for the most competitive price. They will come and remove it without you having to lift a finger.

Call the Appliance Doctor for Refrigerator Repair in New York City

Ask around and see if you have any family or friends in need of a refrigerator. If the appliance is in great working order you could really help someone out. Remember the Appliance Doctor can assist with refrigerator repairs of either your new or old appliance.

The Appliance Doctor Can Fix Your Refrigerator in the Bronx

Consider selling your unwanted refrigerator to make a little bit of cash to put towards your new appliance. There are sites such as Craigslist which are designed to make it easier to sell your pre-loved goods. Otherwise try on noticeboards or local papers.

If you’re refrigerator no longer works you may wish to consider contacting the City of New York or a junk removal service to remove it. If, however, it may be of use to someone consider giving it away or selling it. Don’t forget the Appliance Doctor is available to repair all types of refrigerator all across NYC.

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