How to Clean Your Oven without Chemicals


How to Clean Your Oven without Chemicals

Plenty of people across the United States prefer to clean their appliances without the use of chemicals. With that in mind, here’s a quick and easy way to take care of your oven without having to use any chemicals at all.

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You’ll need to start by getting the oven ready for cleaning, so remove everything that can be taken out. That means oven racks, thermometers, pizza stones, cooking trays, and anything else that you might typically leave inside. Next, you can make your cleaning paste using just a little baking soda and some water. Get a small bowl, add in half a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water, then mix until you have achieved a spreadable consistency.

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You should now begin spreading that paste over your oven’s interior surfaces, remembering to avoid the heat elements. Ensure that you get into the oven’s dirtiest nooks and crannies; the baking soda mixture should turn a brownish colour as you go. Once you’re done, let the mixture sit for around 12 hours. It’s best to spread the paste after dinner, then complete the clean when you wake up in the morning.

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Now that your mixture has been given time to work, take a damp cloth and begin wiping as much as possible away. It might be necessary to use a spatula to scrape away any bits of paste that were spread in particularly unclean areas. Next, put some vinegar in a spray bottle and give the oven a spritz. The vinegar will react with the baking soda to create foam. Take your cloth and wipe away the remaining foamy mixture. Your oven should now be clean as a whistle, so replace all the racks and other items, then begin using it as normal.

Remember, failing to clean your oven regularly can lead to some of the problems that necessitate a call from the Appliance Doctor, so make sure you stay on top of things.

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