As native New Yorkers, it is no surprise that the city is always filled with excitement and action, no matter the day or time of year. But, nothing stunned us more than the uproar that our beloved city was in when Pope Francis came to town. Although my technicians were not pleased with the traffic that the Pope’s visit attracted, his visit was significant to the Big Apple and created a sense of unity among the people of New York.

One of the Appliance Doctor’s own, Thomas Stufano, got to witness the beauty of this historic moment and the joy that it brought to so many people. After arriving at Central Park at 11:00 in the morning, Tom and his wife waited for hours for the Pope to arrive. His arrival came and went quickly as he was transported through the park in his Pope mobile, blessing all of his faithful followers as he passed. Tom states that although the encounter was brief, it was the spirit of unity and togetherness that made the event special.

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