What the Heck Does HE Mean for Your New York Washing Machine?

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Seems as though the initials HE are flying around with little explanation. HE stands for High Efficiency and the important thing to know is whether your washing machine is HE and whether you are using the proper detergent. Here’s a quick and dirty guide so you and your washing machine can have a happy life together.

HE Vs. Conventional Washers Repaired in Manhattan

While most HE washers are front loading, some top loading machines are also high efficiency. These machines use 1/5 to 2/3 less water than conventional washers. Rather than the agitation cleaning action of conventional washers, HE washers use a tumbler motion cleaning action. Besides lessening the cost of your water bill, less energy is required to heat the smaller amount of water used.

Using HE Washer Detergents in HE Washers Repaired in Bronx, NY

HE detergents contain suds suppressors. With suds out of the way, the load tumbles more efficiently and the cleaning action is maximized. With low water usage, the detergent operates to hold the soils and dyes in suspension so as not to redeposit them onto your clothes. Make sure the laundry detergent package indicates that it’s for use in HE washers. Avoid regular detergents that say HE compatible, as they may have only regular suds generating agents formulated in these products.

Using Conventional Washer Detergents in HE Washers Repaired in Yonkers

Using conventional washer detergents in HE washers is NOT RECOMMENDED. Even using a smaller amount will result in too many suds, which cushion or prevent the tumbling action. This can lead to residue build up and worse yet, overheat the pump. Often suds can overflow from the washer. This can cause a mess or a slippery bubble fight with the kids.

If you’re fortunate enough to own one of these newfangled HE washing machines, realize that you have a very different kind of washer that requires the right detergent. Any leftover conventional detergent? Give it away and find your bubble entertainment elsewhere.

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