Appliance Repair New York City

Let’s face it our appliances don’t typically occupy much of our thoughts on a daily basis. In fact your smartphone and tablet hog all the attention. That is until that special appliance that never gets any attention breaks down. That can mean one of two things; the faulty appliance is either going express delivery to the garbage or its time to find a repairman. Now I wouldn’t call myself a tree hugging conservationist by any stretch but I will say I draw the line at contributing to land fill on a whim. “OK” It might be sayonara for a hair dryer or clothes iron but my conscience urges me to seek another path should the refrigerator, washer or dryer need repair.

How to Get Refrigerator Repair in New York City

If a major appliance like a refrigerator goes down and needs repair how do you get this done? Is it just a simple call to a refrigerator repair guy and he comes running? Recently I was tasked with getting a few home repairs done. After quite an ordeal I managed to arrange some contractors to come out and check our job requirements and supply me with some quotes. I thought this should be a simple task, I’ll just type in home remodeling on the web and they would come running when it was convenient for me? Wrong! It ended up being the bane of my existence for 3 weeks and there are still a couple of guys Ive never heard back from. I should have noticed the signs early on. When you call a repair agent or contractor most people have already counted the cost to some degree, not only financial but the time and convenience factor as well.

I’m not looking to be told they can make it there for a look 5 days from now or I’m pretty busy at the moment I’ll get back to you. I certainly don’t want to be told the model I have is no good I shouldn’t have bought that in the first place and even if I can get parts for it they’re going to be on back order and I’ll send someone out to check things out for a call out fee of $180.00.

“No Sir” I need service now. I need to get on with my life and I need to know I’m in capable hands. Thank goodness for appliance doctor. If you need professional appliance repair services in New York City or surrounding suburbs then look no further. Appliance doctor provides simple over the phone service that can have you booked for a service call the same day in most cases. Appliance doctor’s knowledgeable staff demonstrate empathy for your situation and are superb at clearly explaining the way forward and the rates are outstanding. Appliance doctor carries huge reserves of parts inventory and there experience on a vast range of brands and products is apparent for all to see.

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