Appliance Doctor Appliance Repair Tips and Maintenance

Appliance Doctor AS Seen On TVEveryone is interested in saving time and money. Here are a few appliance maintenance tips for your refrigerator that begin saving you immediately.

Refrigerator Repair and Maintenance

The refrigerator is the workhorse of the household appliances; it is the undisputed king of the kitchen that cops a beating on average 15 hours a day. It is also the most critically important of your appliances because you trust it with your food and therefore your health.

Refrigerator placement is a simple yet often overlooked consideration that plays a significant role in the performance and lifespan of your fridge. Avoid placing your refrigerator next to a heat source like an oven or dishwasher. If it’s your second fridge in the basement “Keep it away” from the furnace. If your kitchen has a niche for the refrigerator make sure the back and sides have a clearance of 4-6 inches to allow air to circulate around the condenser coils. It’s also a practical tip that leaves room for the vacuum cleaner head to easily clean away gathering dust.

Check your fridge seals every quarter, this is the most common refrigerator repair and if caught early can prevent bigger and more costly repairs down the road. Seals are readily available if you’re into DIY or better still get online or call Appliance doctor for a house call. A split or leaking seal will let out cold air making the thermostat in the fridge engage the motor to maintain its set temperature. Extended running time on the motor will greatly increase its power usage and severely diminish the life of the motor.

Clean the condenser coils; a good practice is when vacuuming in the kitchen run the brush over the condenser coils. These coils are responsible for removing heat from your fridge. The coils are the grill that looks like a radiator on the back of your fridge. By keeping these clean it will allow the fridge to function efficiently while extending the life of the motor.

In New York for professional service at affordable rates it’s in your best interest to call appliance doctor and get your fridge a checkup. Ask about the doctors total care club with scheduled maintenance plans and member discounts. Appliance doctor is the most established name in New York City appliance repair.

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