Noisy Refrigerator: Is It The Party Next Door Or The Condenser Fan?

If you are hearing strange sounds emanating from that unknown frontier behind your refrigerator, don’t panic. It isn’t likely that some malevolent creature with huge teeth, sharp claws and very bad breath is just waiting for you to dare to investigate. Alas, no, it is more probable that the culprit is your mundane and rather boring condenser fan. Although at this point, you should try to contain your disappointment, you still need to fix it or call in an appliance repair specialist to do the job.

The condenser fan motor circuit is one of the easiest to troubleshoot so even if you don’t know what you are doing, you can still take a look and arrive at some workable conclusion. The fan doesn’t like to work alone and is always operating in conjunction with the compressor; the same temperature control switch directs them both.

If you discover that the fan is not working but the compressor is and you are a gambler, you might assume that you are dealing with the need to replace the fan’s motor. Taking the gambler analogy a step further, before you lose your shirt, double check the electrical connection to make sure that’s not the culprit before you find yourself stuck with a new motor that you don’t really need.

If you can’t find your condenser fan, don’t despair, since it may be that your refrigerator doesn’t have one. This is only slightly reassuring as that means the noises may be something else you need to worry about. For example, where are your children and your pets? Are the sounds coming from behind the door or from behind the fridge? Notify police of missing family members before calling in an appliance repair specialist.

If the strange noises are accompanied with the refrigerator feeling warm to the touch, the likely problem is indeed the fan, which for whatever reason has stopped pulling heat from the unit. Most of the time, the fan needs cleaning and some attention rather than replacement. Vacuuming the condenser even once a year can avoid this build up and the subsequent frantic call to an appliance repair specialist.

If it turns out that the sounds are getting louder and the unit getting hotter, do not pass go or collect $200 and immediately call in an appliance repair specialist. If you live in the New York- Bronx or Westchester areas of New York City, the man to call is Anthony, the Appliance Doctor. His highly trained staff is on call 24/7 and can be reached at anytime at: 1 800 339-0353.

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