Home Systems, Digital Monitoring and Energy Management

Home Systems, Digital Monitoring and Energy Management

Do you need someone or something to tell you when the milk in your fridge is dangerously close to the sour point? Are we so short on time that we must pre-heat our ovens and wash our clothes remotely, before we even step foot inside our homes?

According to a study conducted in 2012 by J.D. Power and Associates, for most consumers the answer is “yes,” since a digital lifestyle, which includes the operation of household appliances, is the preferred way to go in this dynamic, high-tech world.

In the words of Frank Perazzini, director of telecommunications at J.D. Power and Associates:

“Consumers are looking for a way to… manage their lives with easy-to-use digital packages. The challenge for consumers is finding an economically attractive service package that meets the feature and functional needs of their household…”

More and more, home security systems are featuring additional services such as: telecommunications, cable, Internet, security, and energy management. Just turn on the television and you will be deluged with ads from different appliance repair companies that promise monitoring devices that consistently roam the perimeters of our homes searching for intruders of all kinds, including those dust bunnies in the master bedroom that might have previously escaped your attention.

The advantages to digital monitoring lie in the fact that you can keep abreast of everything that is happening inside your home as it is unfolding.

This means that as the cat and dog jump from your chandelier and land on that expensive vase, you can watch it as it breaks into many expensive pieces. All kidding aside, there’s no question that these services make life more convenient for consumers. There is a downside however, and that concerns a loss of some privacy.

Whether or not this new digital lifestyle is for you, nothing lasts forever and that includes your-state-of-the-art appliances. If you live in the New York area of Manhattan, Bronx or Westchester and your appliances are not cooperating, give the Appliance Doctor a call. He and his highly trained staff are there 24/7 to aid all machine owners in distress and can be reached at: 1 800 339 0353 or www.appliancedoctorx.com.

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