Should You Repair Your Dryer? Is It Worth It?

Old appliances don’t die, but sometimes they wish they could. Anonymous

While most appliances are built to last, nothing endures forever and eventually they all need to be replaced. The question is when is it time to forget about dryer repair and seek a new metallic friend that will dry your clothes effectively? How can you recognize the telltale signs of impending metallic death?

Dryers require well-maintained vent systems in order to operate effectively. You can avoid dryer repair by doing your own maintenance, which includes simple tasks like making sure the exhaust is always clear and cleaning out the lint filter before each load. Even with careful vigilance, however, after many years of constant use and occasional dryer repair, you may have to replace your machine.

Some Warning Signs
Your clothes dryer is probably way beyond the scope of dryer repair if your clothes aren’t coming out dry. If you can feel dampness, particularly in those heavy-duty items like rugs or towels, your machine is damp because it is crying out for help and possibly a repair that can solve this problem.

If you have to run clothes through two or more drying cycles, the machine may have a vent problem, and you are faced with preparing yourself for a technician for dryer repair which would be very cost effective.

If you hear strange clunking sounds emanating from your dryer, something may be wrong with the motor or the dryer barrel. Whether or not you consult a dryer repair service, new and unexpected sounds are never a good sign. Also funny smells are warning signs. Unless you placed a rotting hunk of cheese or protein inside by mistake, the chances are that smell means lots of trouble.

Use your common sense. If your dryer does anything unusual stop its operation and call for dryer repair services. Don’t use the machine unless you know what caused the problem. Doing so may escalate the problem or create a safety risk for you and your family.

If you need to repair a clothes dryer get a technician out ASAP to take a look at it. Bear in mind however, before throwing that old one to the curb as if it were a lingering Christmas tree in February, that some of the older models are well worth keeping, especially if the cost of appliance repair turns out to be less then 50% of what you would have to pay for a new dryer, which includes the cost of installation and removal. If you are not sure of what to do, give the nice folks at Appliance Doctor a call.

They can be reached at: 1 800 339-0353


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