Is It Worth It To Repair Your Washing Machine?

Washing machines are household appliances we count on every day of our lives. Most of us are so used to the convenience of living with a washing machine that it is only when washing machine repair is needed and we have to do without one that we appreciate all it does for us.

The alternatives to living with a washing machine are nasty and a pain in body parts too impolite to mention. Trudging down to the local Laundromat with your load and your quarters and fighting over who gets which machine is inevitable unless you can make a special deal with the owner to do your wash at 3 am! Also, how can you ever be sure that a strange machine will understand your needs for that super gentle cycle?

You get used to your own machine just as you grow accustomed to the traits and shortcomings of your friends and relatives. When it goes on the blink, you have to consider washing machine repair. But when is enough really enough and when should you say aloha and ta-ta to your trusted but leaky friend?

Don’t assume you need you buy a new washing machine if you see small leaks, even if they occur on more than one occasion. Some leaks are easily repaired even without professional help. If however, you find yourself surrounded by water that is already past your waist, rising fast and you need a paddle to navigate across the room, it is probably time to bid adieu to your trusted appliance friend as well as get the hell out of your laundry room as quickly as possible.

Leaks can be caused by loose connections, over-sudsing due to the wrong type or too much detergent, and overloading the machine. Washing machine repair can be easily looked at by a appliance repair professional.

An energy-efficient washing machine can reap many water saving benefits. The Energy Star seal of approval can be found on both front and top leaders, although front loaders are much more commonly purchased.

If you are convinced your machine didn’t mean to flood the basement, you might want to forgive and forget and call in a washing machine repair specialist. It could be worth your while to hang onto your old washing machine, especially if the necessary repair costs are less than 50% of what you would have to pay for a new machine. Don’t forget as well to factor in the cost of installation and the removal of the old machine.

Appliance Doctor will throw you a life-line if you need one; that is, if you can reach the phone at:

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