Common Mistakes That Lead to Manhattan Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator is one of the complex machines at home. This appliance is operational round the clock to keep your food fresh. Because of wear and tear and improper use, repair issues take place.

If you do not want to encounter repair issues with your refrigerator, it’s a nice idea to get yourself familiar with the common mistakes you make unknowingly.

  • Improper Placement

Where do you place your refrigerator? Improper placement of this home appliance can lead to a problem over time. Most people keep their fridges near the gas stoved or ovens.

It is essential for you to have an exhaust fan. That way, your kitchen area will stay well-ventilated. Keep in mind that your refrigerator should be placed in the cooler area rather than near the source of heat.

  • Storing Hot Food

Do you put hot food inside your fridge? This big mistake will soon result to refrigerator repair Manhattan NY. Even if you have no time letting your food cool outside, it’s not a good idea to put it inside while hot.

Before you put the food inside the fridge, make sure it has a room temperature. It will help in keeping it running efficiently for a long time.

  • Faulty Rubber Lines

For sure, you are familiar with the rubber lining along the fridge’s door sides. This component helps in keeping the cool air inside. However, it will soon form gaps that can lead to cool air to escape. If you already noticed faulty rubber lines, make sure to take action about it before it ends up with major Manhattan refrigerator repair.

  • No Light Refrigerator-Friendly Containers

By not using vessels designed for refrigerators, you may encounter some issues in the future. So, make sure to use light vessels. These containers can conduct coolness that can be passed to the food inside the fridge. Besides, they can help you save money while keeping the food fresh. The compression does not need to exert extra effort in performing its job.

  • Closing and Opening of Door Too Often

Kids love the cool airflow from the fridge during the summer months. However, opening and closing the door too often can cause an issue.

If the fridge’s door stays open for a long time, it causes pressure to the appliance and its motor. Later on, you become problematic with the hot air it produces. So, it is best to keep your refrigerator close at all times, especially if opening it is not so important.


Without a refrigerator, food preparation and storing perishable foods is a bit challenging. However, some of your habits in using the fridge can actually lead to repair issues. If you think it’s too late and your appliance already have repair needs, make sure to contact a reliable and professional repair technician in Manhattan.

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