Common Maintenance Mistakes That May Lead to White Plains Refrigerator Repair

As you probably know, a refrigerator is one of the easiest home appliances to operate. However, many homeowners still make mistakes in using it.

Little do you know that refrigerator maintenance can negatively impact the quality of your food? What’s more, you may end up to serious refrigerator repair in New Rochelle. You may hire a professional appliance repair company. However, it’s also an excellent idea to avoid the common maintenance mistakes below:

Failure to Clean the Exterior Coils

After a few months of purchase, dust and dirt may accumulate on your refrigerator coil. If left uncleaned, it may compromise the appliance efficiency. For you to clean the dust and dirt, all you need is a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to switch off the appliance before the cleaning process to avoid any accident.

Too Low Temperature

Although you can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator, you should not set it to the lowest range. Too low temperatures may put unnecessary stress on your appliance’s working parts like the motor. As a result, ice starts to form, and some of your foods tend to freeze.

Putting Hot Food

Whether or not you are in a hurry, you should never put food when it is still hot. Placing hot food while everything is already cooled down can put much pressure on the refrigerator compressor. Other than landing up to defective appliances, this mistake can also affect food quality.


Because of cold air circulation, your refrigerator can keep your food fresh and cool. However, if you will overfill it, the cold air will fail to circulate effectively around the items inside. Bear in mind that improper air circulation will lead to uneven temperature. So, you may find that while some foods are very cold, other items are not.

Not Closing the Door

It might be tempting to eat your favorite food while the door is open. However, it may lead to a significant problem. Leaving the door improperly shut or door seals broken can lead to unusual condensation and higher temperatures. Once the motor work harder, it will cause wear and tear on some parts. So, you must close the door properly. If you notice that the door seals broken or worn, do not hesitate to get a professional refrigerator repair in New York NY.

Poor Cleaning Schedule

How often do you clean your refrigerator? Regular maintenance can help you ensure that your appliance will work efficiently. It will also prevent you from different repair issues. Do not wait until your refrigerator fails to function well due to maintenance mistakes. Make it a habit to clean your appliance regularly and adequately.

With regular, you can avoid damage to your refrigerator. However, if you think your appliance already requires a repair service instead of maintenance, feel free to contact your local appliance repair company.

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