Appliance Doctor Top 4 Reasons Your Fridge Freezes Food

Have you ever had the frustrating circumstance of your food being frozen in the fridge? If you are in need of refrigerator repair in the Bronx help is but a phone call away. Appliance doctor and his team are factory certified professionals for a host of well-known brands and can get your fridge up and running with fast affordable service. Here are the top four reasons the fridge will be freezing your food.

Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

On some models the refrigerator temperature is monitored by a temperature control thermostat. This gate keeper routes voltage to the condenser and evaporator motors to cool the air as needed. A faulty thermostat can leave the compressor running for an extended period forcing unmonitored cold air into the refrigerator compartment driving the temperature to well below freezing.

Adjusting the thermostat dial and listening for a click that shuts off the compressor will help you determine if the thermostat is working properly.

Faulty Thermistor

Some refrigerator manufacturers prefer to you a thermistor to monitor the fridge temperature. This is a small sensor or probe that is connected to the main control board. If this sensor is not functioning optimally it will send inaccurate readings to the condenser motor and evaporator causing them to run longer than they should much like the symptoms of a faulty control thermostat.

Faulty Temperature Control Board

A faulty control board can send unchecked continuous voltage to the condenser and evaporator motor. This fault although not as common will force these motors to run continuously forcing unrelenting refrigerated air into the fridge compartment. Left unchecked the risk of burning out these motors will increase and so will the repair bill.

Faulty Air Damper Control

The air damper control essentially is an electrically driven conduit that opens and closes to channel the flow of cold air to the fridge compartment. If this channel has malfunctioned it can remain open leaving cold air to flood the fridge compartment freezing your food.

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