Appliance Doctor Tips on Maintaining Your Washing Machine

If you have just purchased a new washer or you are trying to prolong the life of your existing unit Appliance doctor is here with a few tips to keep your washer running at its best. We understand that not everyone has the capacity or ability to perform routine maintenance on their appliances. If you are in need of washing machine repair in New York City the choice is simple and only a phone call or email away for same day service by the specialists at Appliance doctor. If you are outside the range of Appliance doctor follow these practical steps to give your washer a clean bill of health.

Appliance Doctor for Washing Machine Repair in Yonkers

Inspect the water hoses to make sure they are undamaged. Regardless of their condition these hoses should be replaced every five years. You can also install stainless steel braided hoses for enhanced durability. Be sure to turn off the hot and cold water valves before installing the hoses.

Another important procedure is to level the washer’s legs. Most washing machines use adjustable legs with locking nuts. Level and tighten these legs as close to the washers base as possible. Some washers also have self-adjusting rear legs. Once you’ve leveled the front legs tip the washer forward and back down to set the rear legs. Use a spirit level to confirm your washer is level and stable.

Appliance Doctor Recommends Keeping the Drum Clean

Consider using self-cleaning washer tablets during an empty wash cycle to keep the tub or drum free of lint, residue and mold. If you have a front load washer you need to wipe down the door boot and leave the door open slightly after every load to prevent mold build up.

Following these few simple guidelines routinely will help keep your washing machine running efficiently for a considerable amount of time. For washing machine repair in White Plains and Yonkers Appliance doctor can provide same day house calls to give your washer a checkup and schedule your appliances for routine maintenance.

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