Over a long time of drying your clothes, dryers tend to accumulate some of the debris in its internal parts. For this reason, you should consider cleaning the dryer after a given period of usage. This is good for its efficiency and safety. When dirt accumulates inside it can impair the working of the motor which can cause fires and accidents. The accumulated dirt can make the dryer consume more power than previously rated and this means costly power bills. You can’t afford to let it go to ruin. Here is how to maintain your dryer so it can last longer while being efficient at the same time.

Appliance Doctor knows Dryers

To promote proper airflow, ensure that you open and empty the overloaded lint trap shortly after you’ve dried a pile of clothes.

Consider removing and washing the lint trap yearly to get rid of the dirt that may have accumulated over the period. You can use a soft brush with soap and mild detergent to clean and unclog the tiny holes in the equipment. Remember to set your dryer’s lint trap and let it dry well before inserting it back into the dryer.

Avoid Drying Spoiled Clothes in the Machine

Spoiled clothes include that old-fashioned shirt with hanging buttons you keep in the corner of your closet. Spoiled clothes are a number 1 destroyer of dryers. Also keep those notoriously dirty clothes away from your dryer. Don’t dry dirty clothes. When dirty clothes are put in the dryer, types of soil tend to fall off and harm the internal components of the equipment. Also, ensure that the pockets of your clothes don’t contain metallic items or any other item that may ruin the dyer.

Balance the Dryer

If the dryer is not at the right level or position, the rotating components tend to move unevenly which may lead to a breakdown or reduce the lifespan of the dyer. If you discover that the dryer is shaking, consider adjusting its bottom feet to keep it at a level.

Heavy fabric clothes need to have far less moisture content than the regular clothes before inserting them in the dryer.

Detach the ventilation hose that connects the drier to the wall and vacuum the inside to eliminate any debris.

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