As you run your refrigerator non-stop, it encounters a lot of wear and tear. With proper care, it can still run like a dream after a decade of use. For all maintenance queries in White Plains, contact the Appliance Doctor. We have experience with a vast range of makes and models. Here’s how to keep your groceries fresh with regular maintenance.

Maintain Your Refrigerator with the Appliance Doctor

Don’t wait until you’re motor stops running and you find a week’s worth of spoiled groceries. Schedule an annual visit from the Appliance Doctor to ensure your refrigerator is in top condition. Our professionals can check your thermostat as it might not be performing as it should. This leads to it working harder, requiring more power usage to achieve the ideal temperature. We can also provide advice on the optimum temperature as you may have set the thermostat too high. Aim to keep your food safe while ensuring the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Extend the Life of Your Refrigerator in White Plains

Your local appliance repair expert will also clean and inspect the coils during their visit. Problems with your condenser coils tend to lead to inefficiency, putting extra pressure on the unit. Your refrigerator requires the coils to be free from dirt and dust to function properly. You might be surprised the effect of cleaning your coils has on your power bills. Plus you can also increase the longevity of your appliance. The Appliance Doctor can visit you in White Plains or anywhere else in NYC to service your refrigerator.

Rely on the Experts for Refrigerator Maintenance in NYC

If you experience any difficulties with your fridge it is vital you call someone out sooner rather than later. A simple repair can save you more than if you leave it and it stops working suddenly. At the Appliance Doctor, we will find the cause and provide cost-effective repair solutions to fix it. If you live in White Plains, give our friendly team a call.

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