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Over the years refrigerators have changed in shape and features on offer. Today there are many different makes and models available. The most popular style are those with French doors. The Appliance Doctor in the Bronx has the know-how to repair and service units of all styles. If you are looking for a new fridge here are four of the benefits that make the French door style a popular choice amongst NYC residents.

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We have become accustomed to convenience, and the French door refrigerator offers this. It is easy to see everything in your fridge as it is all at eye level and you don’t have to bend down to get to your crisper drawers. The freezer pulls out like a drawer which ensures you can easily access your frozen goods.

Their design makes your kitchen appear bigger. This is due to the side by side doors as they are slimmer than a single door so they don’t swing out too far. Even if someone is opening the fridge, others can still walk around in the kitchen. However, you still get maximum refrigerator space.

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You can save energy by choosing a french door model. When you open your unit, you are letting cold air out which makes it work harder to achieve the right temperature again. However, with the French doors if you only open one door you are only exposing half of the fridge. This allows your appliance to retain the cool air and requires less energy to maintain its ideal temperature.

There are plenty of flexible storage options with french door refrigerators. In contrast to side by side doors, the inside is one space, so you have the full width of the appliances for large flat items such as fruit platters. Adjust the shelves and drawers to suit your needs and make the most of the space.

French door refrigerators provide convenience, more space in your kitchen, save energy and flexible storage options. If you reside in the Bronx, choose the Appliance Doctor for your refrigerator repair needs.


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