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There are some foods which should obviously be kept in the refrigerator to avoid spoiling; however, there are other food which some store in the refrigerator whilst other put them in the pantry. Your refrigerator operates at its best when it’s full. If your refrigerator isn’t working at its best, call in the Appliance Doctor to take a look at your refrigerator in the Bronx, Manhattan or wherever you may be in New York City.

The Appliance Doctor Knows a Thing or Two about Refrigerator Repair in NYC

Take a look at anything with a label, usually it will recommend where to store. If you are still unsure, check for a best before or a use by date. Best before products are usually suitable for the fridge whilst use by generally means it can be kept in the pantry.

Bronx Residents Are Looked after by the Appliance Doctor

Mold requires water to grow. Foods such as peanut butter have very little water content. This makes it a suitable product for the pantry. Water is present in tomato sauce making it prone to mold if left for too long in the pantry. As long as you think these items will be consumed there should be little risk of mold. However, if you think it will take you a while to eat, it’s probably best in the refrigerator. Ensure safe food storage in NYC.

Get Quick Refrigerator Repair in Manhattan

There are some items you can put in the pantry but placing them in the refrigerator can make them last longer. Eggs are a perfect example of this as there is no reason they can’t go in your pantry. However, putting them in the refrigerator gives them a longer shelf life.

When deciding whether an item should be placed in the refrigerator or pantry, there are a few things you should consider. Checking labels can point you in the right direction. Looking at water content and extending the items shelf life are also factors. If you experience any trouble with your refrigerator get in contact with the Appliance Doctor.

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