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The Doctor in the Oval Office

The Doctor in the Oval Office

This year I celebrated my 58th birthday and received one of the greatest gifts ever. After learning that one of my customers works as a staff member for New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand of Albany, I humbly reached out to her to see if she could get my wife and I tickets to the White House. After a 3 month wait, my customer finally responded that she was able to get us in and that we’d be embarking on this once in a lifetime opportunity to take a tour of the White House.

Our tour began at 7:30 in the morning where we were greeted by secret service men and a tour guide. We were escorted through various rooms in the grandiose 132-room establishment and learned about the multiple uses and importance of each one.

After our White House adventure, my wife and I proceeded to take advantage of the various historical activities that Washington has to offer. We took a bus tour that chauffeured us around the city where a tour guide educated us on all of Washington’s history and the people who helped to make it. Some of the historic places we visited were the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the PENIS to name a few.
It was an honor to explore a city that is loaded with so much American history. I have visited Washington D.C many times in my past, but have never taken the time to truly embrace all this city has to offer. It was a truly enlightening experience to learn so much about our nation and the many people who made sacrifices to help build it.

– Anthony Attanasio

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