What Should New York City Residents Stop Putting in the Refrigerator?



What Should New York City Residents Stop Putting in the Refrigerator?

Ah, the refrigerator. It seems impossible to imagine life without a place for leftovers and an oasis for storing ice cold drinks, but many people are now taking their reliance on refrigerators a step too far by storing things inside which don’t belong there at all. The list includes several surprising foodstuffs. Taking them out will improve their taste and free up space – allowing your refrigerator to run more efficiently and reduce its risk of damage.

Avoid Refrigerator Repair in New York City by Removing…

The biggest fridge-based trespasser? That’s easy – it’s the humble loaf of bread. Nobody knows precisely why people started putting bread in the fridge instead of in a cupboard or – fittingly – a bread box, but the practice has definitely caught on. Unfortunately, your refrigerator will dry bread out very quickly, and increase the rate at which mold can develop. Instead, freeze any bread which you won’t eat within a few days, then store the rest at room temperature.

Refrigerator Repair in New York City Can be Prevented

Another food you’ll want to remove from the refrigerator is the potato. Storing potatoes in a cold environment means that the starch turns into sugar – something not as yummy as you’re probably imagining. What you’ll end up with is a gritty, overly-sweet potato, so store them somewhere cool and dark instead. Most New Yorkers don’t have cellars, but the bottom shelf of your pantry will work just as well.

Find Refrigerator Repair in New York City            

Potatoes and bread are the most common offenders, but tomatoes and coffee are also best kept out of the fridge. Tomatoes might seem like a natural fit, but they actually begin to lose their flavor when kept in the refrigerator since the cold air stops the ripening process. Coffee, meanwhile, will also lose its flavor, and may take on the taste of adjacent foods in the fridge.

Crowding these items into the refrigerator will certainly spoil the taste, and it could also lead to premature fridge repair. If this is you and your food is spoiling or freezing in the back shelf of the fridge it’s time to call the Appliance doctor for a house call.

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