Appliance Doctor NYC Washing Machine Repair: Cleaning tips

Appliance Doctor AS Seen On TVFront loading washing machines are becoming more and more popular, but that doesn’t mean people are cleaning them correctly. Since they use less detergent than top loading models, there’s a slightly increased risk of mould and bacteria developing, so follow this guide to keep your washing machine and everything which goes in it fresh and clean.

Appliance Doctor NYC Washing machine Repair – Cleaning Tip 1

The first thing you’ll need is hot water – the hotter the better. Bacteria are killed off by boiling water; while dirt and other contaminants easily come away when exposed to it, so empty a kettle of boiling water inside your machine. You’ll want to make sure that your machine is set to its self-cleaning cycle. You’ll find this setting on most new machines, but you can just set it for a normal spin if this option isn’t available. Don’t include any laundry at this time.

Appliance Doctor NYC Washing machine Repair – Cleaning Tip 2

Next, add a quart of bleach. This will remove stains and eliminate any bacteria. You can just add it through the dispenser so that it mixes well with the hot water, then allow the washing machine to finish its self-cleaning spin. If you’re not into chemicals, there’s no need to fret. For a natural clean, combine a quarter cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of normal tap water, and then add 2 cups of vinegar. Mix thoroughly, and then add this into the main drum after pouring in the hot water.

Appliance Doctor Washing NYC machine Repair – Cleaning Tip 3

You can now finish the job by cleaning the dispensers, making sure that both the powder and liquid detergent areas are free of debris. You should also use a sponge to clean around the inside of the drum to ensure that everything has been cleaned away, then wash around the rubber seal to prevent mould growth.

If you perform this simple cleaning routine once a month it will leave you with better-smelling and cleaner clothes and sheets, and will help you avoid any future problems with your machine. If any problems do occur, then don’t hesitate to contact the Appliance Doctor for the superior care and attention of the best provider of washing machine repair in New York City.

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