Gas or Electricity: Which is Best for Ovens?

Appliance Doctor AS Seen On TVThere are numerous varieties of ovens on the market right now, from large to small and from inbuilt to freestanding. However, the most fundamental decision you’ll need to make before spending you’re hard earned cash is whether to go for a gas or electric model.

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens are generally seen as simple to use and maintain. Since they use dry heat which doesn’t encourage moisture, rust rarely infiltrates these ovens, and they’re certainly far easier to clean than gas-heated models. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. However, electric ovens take quite a long time to heat up, and even longer to cool down. This sometimes proves a challenge when preparing multiple courses, and the wasted energy is bad for your hip pocket and the environment.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens become hot as soon as the flame ignites; this speeds up your preparation time immensely being able to reach your cooking temperature quickly whilst conserving energy. They do contain more moisture, but many people feel this serves to stop food drying out. They’re also far more cost-effective for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, although this benefit needs to be weighed against the undeniable fact that gas ovens are relatively expensive to buy. Critics claim that gas ovens tend to distribute heat less evenly than there electric counterparts, with this in mind a gas oven is typically the weapon of choice for experienced cooks and chefs alike.

The Right Choice for You

Gas and electric ovens share very few benefits and drawbacks, so your decision should be easy to make. If you’re a foodie who enjoys spending time in the kitchen and entertaining, you will appreciate the speed and efficiency of a gas oven. If you only need the basic functions and cooking is simply a means to an end for you? You may get better value from an electric model.

Taking the time to decide whether a gas or electric oven is right for you is all part of being an informed consumer, and so is making sure you bring any problems to the attention of a repair specialist like the Appliance Doctor. Both types of oven can experience technical difficulties which impair their operation, so make Appliance Doctor your first port of call if anything goes wrong or to schedule your appliances periodic maintenance.

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