Can Smartphones Control GE Convection Wall Ovens?

Technology has invaded our lives and seeped into every level of our existence, but who would have ever thought a smart phone could control an oven and free the cook from having to oversee culinary operations? Historically speaking, ovens have never been very mobile, but as Bob Dylan once sang and meant, “the times they are a changing.”

The newer wall ovens created by GE Appliances are equipped with Brillion networking technology and Wi-Fi access, which translates into the ability to control the oven remotely via an iPhone or Android app. The new app reflects the growing consumer trend of tracking and reducing home energy consumption. GE’s Brillion line allows the consumer to remotely control more than 60 percent of their home energy usage.

The app permits the consumer to preheat the oven, set the timer, change appliance settings, keep an eye on status and cycles and receive mobile maintenance alerts. It also gives the cook the freedom to roam outside the kitchen while food is being cooked. This app can do anything except cook your dinner and maybe eat it for you.

The beauty of this app is that notification lighting allows for multi-tasking. You can do your laundry and cook dinner or watch your favorite television show at the same time without ever burning anything. Quality family time can only be enhanced with an application such as this.

Direct air venting provides the control panel that permits smart- phone control. New vents on top of the oven cavity focus air directly on the food, making evenly baked concoctions a piece of cake even for novice cooks (who may not even be making a cake).

GE is a leader in building a better, more sustainable world by designing energy-efficient appliances. Their remote control wall ovens are the quintessence of technology at work. Despite their high tech polish and function, these ovens like all other appliances every once in a while need minor repairs. When that happens, there’s only one man to call in the Greater New York area and that’s Anthony Attanasio, aka The Appliance Doctor. More than three decades of appliance repair experience, he and his highly trained staff of technicians can resolve any appliance repair problem.

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