The Professional Service Association Honors The Appliance Doctor

The Professional Service Association (PSA) has awarded the Appliance Doctor for more than 3 decades of superior service to customers living in the New York metropolitan area.

The PSA is among the nation’s largest appliance trade associations and is well known for its support of business leaders in all matters ranging from certification and training to educational seminars and industry-networking events.

Ron Sawyer, Executive Director and founder of the PSA presented the highly coveted award during the National Appliance Service Convention held this past January in Miami.

On behalf of himself and his highly trained staff of technicians, Anthony Attanasio, Chief of Staff, accepted the award for exceptional service to the appliance repair industry.

The Appliance Doctor was chosen above all other appliance repair companies due to:
his “continuous efforts to improve the service industry”

his exceptional concern for the consumer as registered by his free 16-page Consumers’ Guide which provides practical information

his never-ending emphasis on educating his employees about the latest technological advances.

Remember the Appliance Doctor when it comes to the repair of any appliance in your home. Call 1 800 339-0353

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