Some Important Ways To Save On a New Appliance

Buying a new appliance is always an investment in time as well as money because you expect it to last for years and years. No matter what the brand or how much a new appliance costs, there are still ways to pay less if you dare to do your homework and think outside that proverbial “new appliance” box.

For one thing, consider buying last year’s model of the machine you desire. This alone will shave hundreds of dollars off an appliance purchase and the machine is still new. The best time of year to do this is in early fall, specifically, September and October because this is the time when stores need to clear the space for the new year’s arrivals.

If you allow for scratches and slight dents, you can save a fortune on the purchase of your next appliance. Even a tiny imperfection will reduce costs and the machine is still new and efficient. Swallow your aesthetic pride and both you and your budget will rejoice.

Don’t fall for bells and whistles and settle for buying only what you need. Make a list of what you want from your appliance BEFORE you venture out to the mall and get taken in by costly extras. Also consider trading in your old appliance for a new one. Check first with dealers in your area to see if they accept trade-ins and then find out what your appliance is currently worth. The extra could save you some money

Don’t be impatient. The appliance you like that might be too expensive this week may well be a sale item next month. By waiting you could save as much as 25% off the original purchase price. You should also consider a package deal; for example, if you want a new washer but don’t really need a dryer, you might as well get a new set, as bundle appliance sales usually benefit the consumer.

You shouldn’t bother about floor models either. Just because it doesn’t come with a box, doesn’t mean the appliance isn’t under warranty and running as efficiently as a boxed new item.

As time passes, your machine may need appliance repair. Nothing lasts forever, not even you. If that is the case and you live in the Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester County area, call Appliance Doctor and they will come and save the day. More than three decades of hands-on experience and a highly trained staff of 13 technicians can solve any appliance repair problem. Call them at:1 800 339 0353 or visit at the website:

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