Clean Your Dryer Vents And Support Our Wounded Warriors

Clean Your Dryer Vents And Support Our Wounded Warriors

While cleaning out your dryer vents and supporting a project for wounded warriors may seem at odds with each other, they are two topics that are very much connected for the specialists at Appliance Doctor. The proper maintenance of dryer vents is essential if your dryer is to run efficiently and taking care of our veterans who have served our country by putting their lives on the line is essential to running our nation efficiently and with pride, dignity and respect.

Dryer vents may not seem to be an exciting topic for discussion until you consider that in the in the United States last year more than 15,600 fires were caused by faulty dryer vents. If the top of the dryer gets very hot while operating, a red flag should wave boldly in your mind. While that hilarious movie of bygone days may proclaim that Some like It Hot, a dryer doesn’t know this and isn’t impressed.

Conversely, if your dryer doesn’t heat up at all or if clothes take an unusually long time to dry (one-and-one-half to two hours), the dryer vent may be clogged. To prevent this, the inside of the dryer vent should be cleaned and inspected regularly. In one case, the specialists at Appliance Doctors, while answering a distress call about a dryer that wasn’t operating properly, cleaned inside the vent and pushed a bird’s nest out of the back of the machine and onto the woman’s porch.

For safety’s sake, you should never start your dryer and leave the house or go to sleep.
Appliance Doctor cares about the disabled veterans who have served their country well, especially (but not exclusively) those who reside in Westchester County, New York. They have donated $500 to Bill Edwards and his wounded warrior project ( to honor the military services of 19-year-old Nick Perazzio who has just returned from Afghanistan, and they are asking others to do the same.

The wounded warrior project uses the funds for job placement, prosthetics and many other helpful benefits to those who have been disabled in the line of duty. The project is centered on a Christmas CD comprised of 13 Westchester artists. Slated for release later this year, each artist/band, volunteered to write, record, and contribute a brand new original Christmas song.

Helping the disabled veterans of Westchester New York is near and dear to the hearts of the caring specialists at Appliance Doctor.

Don’t forget too that if your dryer isn’t working properly, call them at: 1 800 339-0353
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