Servicing the Heating Needs of Residents in the Bronx and Westchester Counties

When the weather outside is frightful and there’s no fire inside that is delightful, as that old song goes, the need to be warm becomes a paramount concern for everyone. The cold is more than mere inconvenience and discomfort; it’s dangerous and debilitating to the human condition. For more than three decades, the Appliance Doctor has been committed to providing optimum customer satisfaction and excellent service as well as the highest level of technical skill for all heating problems and their solutions.

Responsible Heater Repair and System Service

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The Appliance Doctor’s assurance to the consumer is the provision of the most innovative, efficient and complete installation and service regarding heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products. Fully licensed with a highly trained, insured staff of technicians, heating repairs include gas furnaces, heat pumps, and air handlers. Intangible provisions include: peace of mind that your equipment has been installed correctly and safely; a reduction on fuel costs in the long run and relief to those suffering from the effects of poor air quality and allergies.

Quality Service and True Expertise

For the Appliance Doctor, satisfying each customer with the best service available at the most reasonable rates possible is his ultimate goal and reward. He handles all types of heating systems, specializing in tune-ups and general system maintenance. With a focus on preventing breakdowns and extending the life of your heating system, whatever brand it may be, his professional staff of technicians can handle any heating problem.

Range of Services

Heating services include but are not limited to: gas furnaces, heat pumps and air handlers and range from the measuring and balancing of air flow and carbon monoxide levels to duct cleaning, sanitizing, repairing thermostats, equipment installation and seasonal tune-ups, to name a few.

Prepare for the seasons and their temperature changes with the Appliance Doctor. No one wants to be sweltering hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, especially in one’s own home.

Trust the professionals.

Trust the Appliance Doctor.