Heating Repair: Your Comfort Is Our Priority

The Appliance Doctor Will Keep Your Home Warm All Winter

Everyone deserves a warm and comfortable home. Feeling cold in the winter is extremely unpleasant and can also be hazardous to your health. For the Appliance Doctor, a locally owned and operated company servicing residents in the Bronx or Westchester county, customer concerns are his top priority, and his staff of expert technicians are always there to provide swift and efficient heating repairs.

There is no underestimating the element of trust when selecting a homecare comfort specialist to perform efficient heating repair services at reasonable rates. Whether you need to add a new system or choose to maintain an existing HVAC, the certified and insured heating specialists who work for the Appliance Doctor are there to provide top-of-the-line service for all your heating repairs and solutions.

The Appliance Doctor Difference

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The Appliance Doctor has a track record of award-winning excellent service that spans more than thirty years; this is the appliance doctor difference to remember when evaluating HVAC contractors. With an emphasis on maintenance and regular check-ups, the Appliance Doctor’s ultimate goal is to help extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. If that is not possible due to either the age or condition of your current system, a new one may be the operative solution. The most important issue to evaluate when deciding which option is best is to answer the question: How well does my current system meet my personal comfort needs?

Heating Solutions and Services

The idea is to schedule a service routine before any trouble happens. If maintenance isn’t performed by a licensed professional on a regular basis, your heating system, no mater how fancy or expensive, may well be doomed to fail you on, of course, the coldest day of the year. The Appliance Doctor’s expert technicians will guarantee the rapid repair of any heat or hot water emergency that may occur. Your home, work schedule and privacy will always be respected when a scheduled visit is required.

Range of Services

Heating repairs are not limited to but range from: gas furnaces, equipment installation and seasonal tune-ups, measuring and balancing of air flow and carbon monoxide levels, heat pump and air handlers to duct cleaning and sanitizing and repairing thermostats.

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