The Heat Pump and Your Heating System

The heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, and because it moves rather than generates heat, operational costs are drastically lower (about one quarter than that of conventional heating or cooling appliances. Heat pumps can supply heat, cooling and hot water and are especially effective in regions with moderate climates. The heat pump is very versatile because just the barest flip of a switch transforms it from heating to cooling mode.
Although it is the hand of technology that makes the heat pump possible, it does seem almost magical the way it utilizes electricity to both transfer the heat from one place to another and to improve the temperature of that heated air in the process. If your heating system runs on electricity, a heat pump can reduce the amount of electricity needed by as much as 30% to 40 percent.

Efficient Heat Pump Installation and Service

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The Appliance Doctor is a locally owned and operated appliance repair service company that has been in business since 1980. If you live in the Bronx-Westchester areas of New York, he is the man to call whether you are looking to replace a current heat pump system or repair one.
He and his staff of professional technicians have the proper training to provide the perfect heat pump installation, which can be a bit complex. There are two parts to the process; the indoor unit (air handler) and the outdoor unit (heat pump). In the same manner as a central air-conditioner, the refrigerant is circulated via a compressor that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the two units.

The Air Source Heat Pump

The air-source heat pump is the most commonly used. It transfers heat between your house and the outside air. These pumps are highly efficient, and they dehumidify better than most central air conditioners because they use less energy and provide consistent cooling in those sticky and humid months of high summer. By the same token, most air source heat pumps are less efficient at lower temperatures and they wouldn’t fare well in Alaska and similar climes. For ductless homes air source heat pumps can also work well.

Range of Heat Pump Repair and Services

No matter how efficient your heat pump system is, the day will come when something will need fixing or replacement. The Appliance Doctor has the best rates in town, even though costs can vary according to complexity and time involved. Range of services include: repair or replacement of the thermostat, condenser issues on the exterior of the home an d duct work problems which can a be very costly and complicated.
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