Gas Furnaces: What the Consumer Should Know

Making An Informed Decision About Gas Furnaces

Every home is unique and selecting the right size gas furnace determines both the life span and over all efficiency of the appliance. This requires expert advice, and if you live in the Bronx or Westchester county, the man to call is Anthony the Appliance Doctor. More than three decades of appliance repair experience and an excellent record of customer satisfaction make this home comfort specialist a professional you can trust.

Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace is essential to the warmth of any home, big or small. This enclosed structure deigned to generate heat utilizes a thermostat that signals the furnace to ignite once the temperature drops below a certain pre-determined level. The use of natural gas saves energy, is convenient and cost-effective.

Selecting the wrong size furnace, however, reduces its life expectancy and affects overall comfort. If the furnace is too small, it will not be able to heat your home completely and will have to work harder to produce the same output. If the furnace is too large, it will turn on and off too frequently, which will both shorten the life expectancy of the furnace and possibly cause a buildup of too much moisture in your home.

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The Appliance Doctor can provide you with the best advice on furnace options and the pros and cons of each. Once a decision is made, this home energy specialist will always be there to answer any questions throughout the entire installation process. Since the complete satisfaction of each individual customer is his ultimate goal, even long after installation he will remain the single contact for his customers whenever they need his help.

Gas Furnace Solutions and Services

No one ever thinks about the gas furnace until it stops doing its job and something goes wrong. As is the case with any other appliance, maintenance is the key to extending its life span and efficiency. Annual inspections by a qualified technician are strongly recommended by most furnace manufacturers since warranties always contain clauses stating that improper maintenance is not covered.
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