Air Handlers: Smart Technology For Better Air

Air Handlers And Your Heating System

Air handlers are responsible for conditioning and circulating the air in your home, varying in speed based on your particular heating and cooling requirements. This large metal box contains an inside evaporator coil and blower fan with the added possibility an electric strip heater. Air handlers represent the indoor section of your heating and cooling section that delivers cool air in the summer and heated air in the colder months of the year. They provide a consistent level of quiet comfort while saving you energy consumption and costs.

The Appliance Doctor and Air Handler Installation


Servicing residents of the Bronx or Westchester county for more than three decades, the Appliance Doctor will insure that any brand or type of air handler he and his highly-trained staff of technicians install will be the one best suited for the particular construction of your home. You will also have peace of mind in knowing that the warranty you receive will be among the best available in the heating and cooling industry.

Courteous and Dependable Service

Locally owned and operated, the Appliance Doctor has a stellar and completely transparent reputation. As a member of the New York community, he is both known and respected as a provider of services to help the consumer. The Appliance Doctor’s primary concern is to prevent breakdowns and extend the lifetime of your air handler and heating system. Whichever brand or type you choose, his home care comfort specialists can promise the best quality service and highest level of technical skill for all heating solutions at the fairest prices.

Range of Air Handler Repairs and Services

When any of the components in an air handler fail to operate correctly or have become too dirty to operate efficiently, repairs are usually indicated. Air handler units with fiber glass insulation have a long life expectancy, will require some repair when the integrity of the fiberglass degrades, which can happen with the primary seal peels off as the result of variations in temperature and humidity.
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