Cooling Section: Air Handlers

Air Handlers and Your Cooling System

Also known as an air handling unit or AHU, this large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling components, filter racks, sound attenuators and dampers work in conjunction with any heating, ventilating and air conditioning system (HVAC). Its function is to condition and circulate the air in somewhat the same manner as veins in the human body return the blood to the heart for recirculation.

The air handler is vital to the dichotomy in your cooling and heating system; it is the indoor section that quietly and economically delivers cool air in the warmer months of the year and heated air in the winter. Air handlers can work with or without a ductwork ventilation system, but it is best to have a professional such as the Appliance Doctor, inform you of the options available.

Responsible Air Handler Installation and Service


Being blasted by a rush of cold air from your air conditioner even on a hot summer day can be annoying and very unpleasant. It is the fan which controls the speed in a normal heating and cooling unit and until recent innovations, the choices were either full speed or off. The Appliance Doctor can offer you a variable speed air handler, which runs constantly and gradually transitions from low to higher speeds, depending on what is needed.

The Appliance Doctor will insure you that any brand or type of air handler he and his highly trained staff of technicians install will be the one best suited for the particular construction of your home. You will also receive among the best warranties available in the heating and cooling industry.

Professional and Reliable Service

For the last three decades the Appliance Doctor has been a community presence in the appliance repair industry, serving residents of the Bronx-Westchester areas of New York City. All of his efforts are directed towards preventing breakdowns and extending the life of your air handler and cooling system. Whichever brand or type you choose, the Appliance Doctor can promise the best quality service and highest level of technical skill for all cooling solutions.

Range of Air Handler Repairs and Services

If properly maintained, air handler units with fiberglass insulation have a long-term life expectancy. Repairs are needed when the quality of the fiberglass degrades, which can happen when the primary seal has begun to peel off due to the variations of temperature, humidity and air turbulence. Repair products are designed to rejuvenate damaged or degraded HVAC surfaces and the Appliance Doctor has a full understanding of the proper surface treatments required for your particular situation.

The Appliance Doctor’s mantra is to provide all consumers with HVAC systems with optimum service and satisfaction.

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