Air Conditioner Systems

Relief From the Sweltering Heat for Residents of the Bronx and Westchester County


An old Billy Wilder film classic once whispered that some like it hot, but for most of us, heat isn’t so pleasant or funny, even though the movie by the same name certainly was. The right central air conditioning system for your home is an important decision and one that will weigh heavily on your energy expenses in the years to come. In addition to the most appropriate system for both your living and budget limitations, you will also need the most reputable and dependable dealer you can find to install and service your air conditioning system. If you reside within the Bronx and Westchester county, the man to call is Anthony the Appliance Doctor.

Professional Cooling System Installation and Service

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Locally owned and operated, more than thirty years of appliance repair experience has made the Appliance Doctor knowledgeable, dependable and a highly respected name within the appliance repair industry. An air conditioning system is not only vital to family comfort during the warmer months, it also represents a sizable investment that will pay off in terms of future energy costs. The Appliance Doctor can provide you with the best price for the most reliable cooling comfort possible as well as continued reliable service long after the installation process is over.

Professional Service and Transparency

Any contractor selected to install a cooling system in your home should be both totally transparent and a conspicuous presence within your Bronx or Westchester communities. A local contractor will always stand by his work because reputation is everything in a business propelled by word of mouth recommendations. The Appliance Doctor is always there to provide the consumer with fast convenient and trustworthy service.

Range of Air Conditioning System Repairs and Services

The key when selecting a new HVAC cooling system is to pick the one that is most energy-efficient. This is measured as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Regular maintenance will help extend the life and efficiency of your air conditioning system, but eventually some repairs and/or services may be required. The Appliance Doctor and his highly trained staff are equipped to handle any air conditioning repair. Some of these include: replacing rotting insulation on outdoor A/C lines, fixing a sinking air conditioner pad, eliminating excess noise of operation and cleaning out the condenser unit.

You are in good hands with the Appliance Doctor.

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