Dishwashers are a great asset for your household as they save time, water and energy. When something goes wrong, it may be hard to figure out the problem and get it working again. Our technicians at the Appliance Doctor are available all over New York City so that you can use your dishwasher again in no time. Here are the three most common issues we see in dishwashers.

The Appliance Doctor Specializes in Dishwasher Repairs

We commonly see dishwasher’s that have suddenly stopped working. Perhaps you’ve filled your washing and turned it on, only to have nothing happen. There are several causes for this which we can efficiently resolve. The power may have simply tripped which you can check yourself by looking at the GFCI outlet. Take a look at the breaker box as a fuse may have blown. If you can’t find the fault or repair it yourself, then it’s time to call the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx.

Bronx Customers Value Efficient Appliance Repairs

Your dishwasher might not be filling up with water. There are two possible reasons for this. It might be an issue with the water supply, or the water could be draining out too fast. Check the hot water supply valve is on. If the valve is on, there could be a build-up of grime blocking the tubes. You might need to get the electronic component checked out by a professional repair technician. Our team at the Appliance Doctor know what to look for to fix your dishwasher.

Target Dishwasher Problems with an Experienced Technician

Dishwashers can’t often fail to drain. It’s important to call a professional straight away to prevent flooding. The drain hose could be blocked, or there may be another issue. This could be a job for a repair specialist or a plumber. At the Appliance Doctor, we can advise you which course of action is best for your dishwasher. If you live in the Bronx and have problems with your dishwasher, call the Appliance Doctor today.

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Washing machines don’t last forever and will inevitably need replacing at some point. However, it can be costly to purchase a new washer and repair estimates can often be worthwhile. Consider your old machine and compare it to new models regarding electricity and water consumption. To extend the life of your washer contact the Appliance Doctor in Manhattan for servicing and repairs. Here’s how to decide when to get rid of your old washing machine.

The Appliance Doctor Specializes in Washing Machine Repair

Consider the energy efficiency of your washing machine. If it’s using too much, you may be due for an upgrade. Newer models use less water and power saving money in the long run. Tax credits and rebates are available which could bring down the outlay of a new machine. If, however, you’ve only had it for a few years a simple repair could have it operating efficiently once again.

Call the Appliance Doctor to Fix Your Washer in Manhattan

Consumer Reports recommends changing your appliances if they are more than eight years. However, the average lifespan of a washer is 11 years. If your machine keeps breaking down and is over eight years, then it could be beneficial to trade it in. Have a look at your warranty and if it’s no longer covered then consider the age of the appliance.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Washing Machine Advice in Manhattan

Weigh up the environmental impact of your choice. It could be more environmentally to repair your machine than to take it to the junkyard and get a new one. However, if your appliance is old, you may struggle to find the parts it needs. Plus older models use more water and electricity which is bad news for the environment as well as your bills. Reparations or replacing may be necessary for your washing machine.

When deciding whether you should get a new washer or have it fixed there are a few factors to take into consideration. The age, energy efficiency and environmental impact of the machine may affect your choice. For expert repairs in NYC choose the Appliance Doctor.



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Not only do you need detergent for your dishwasher but you also require rinse aid. It can seem unnecessary to use two different products to clean your dishes. However, rinse aid enables your appliance to get the job done. This leaves you with cleaner dishes. If your dishwasher is no longer getting your dishes clean, use the Appliance Doctor for fast and expert repairs in the Bronx. Here are three reasons why you need rinse aid for your dishwasher.

Call the Appliance Doctor for Dishwasher Repairs in the Bronx

There’s an extra compartment for rinse aid in your machine because it’s essential. Detergent alone no longer gets the job done due to the Environmental Protection Agency regulating what they are allowed to contain. Rinse aid boosts the efficiency of your machine leaving you with cleaner and drier dishes than if you weren’t to use it. The Appliance Doctor can service your machine to ensure it is running efficiently.

Dishwasher Repair Is a Job for the Appliance Doctor

You also should use commercial rinse aid and avoid replacing it with vinegar. The acidity corrodes the rubber in the rinse aid dispenser. Aside from this, vinegar doesn’t work as effectively. It can provide a good backup if you run out of your regular product. Simply place a cup of vinegar on the top shelf when running a rinse cycle. However, rinse aid is a long term solution.

NYC can Rely on the Appliance Doctor for Dishwasher Repairs

If you have only used detergent and are happy with the results, then you don’t need to use rinse aid. However, if you find your dishes are still wet after a cycle or food remains on them, then you should consider adding this product. If you’re still not happy with your dishwasher, contact the Appliance Doctor to fix the problem.

Rinse aid is a necessary product to ensure your dishes are clean and dry after a cycle. Detergent serves a purpose. However, this product boosts the ability of your machine. It performs better than vinegar and doesn’t damage your appliance. If you are experiencing any issues with your dishwasher, contact the Appliance Doctor for expert repairs.

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Most people leave their washing machines on 24/7 for convenience. When you need to put a load on, it’s ready to go. However, there are many reasons why this isn’t a good idea. If you have any issues with your washer, contact the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx to take a look. Here are our three top reasons why you should turn your washing machine off.

Turn Your Washing Machine Off to Avoid Repairs in the Bronx

With rising power bills you might be looking at ways you can save energy to save money. You can do this by switching off all of your appliances when they aren’t in use. With your washing machine, you should turn it off at the socket for the most savings. It’s unlikely that you use your washer all day and all night. It’s quick and easy to turn off when you’ve finished washing your loads. The Appliance Doctor has plenty of power saving tips for all of your appliances in the Bronx.

Contact the Appliance Doctor for Washing Machine Repair in Manhattan

You never usually know something is going to go wrong until it is too late. Returning to a flooded home is far from ideal. By turning your washing machine off and switching off the water valves, you can prevent potential water damage. Your hoses require replacing every five years to avoid faults; if you have any concerns contact the Appliance Doctor.

The Appliance Doctor is a Washing Machine Repair Specialist

If you are going on vacation, take the time to turn off all of your appliances including the washing machine. Turn off and unplug as well as turning off the water valves. This saves you from adding to your bills while you’re away. It can also spare you from coming home to a flooded laundry and house.

Ideally, you should turn off your washing machine after every use to reduce your energy consumption and avoid flooding. We highly recommend you turn your washer off when you go on vacation. For all washing machine repairs in Manhattan and the Bronx call the Appliance Doctor.


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Dishwashers have become an essential part of our daily lives, saving both time and energy. You may not give much thought to when you turn it on. However, it can have an impact on your bills. The best time to set your dishwasher is at night when you go to bed. If you experience any issues with your dishwasher, contact the Appliance Doctor in New York City. Here are the top three advantages of running your dishwasher overnight.

The Appliance Doctor Provides Reliable Dishwasher Repairs in NYC

During your dishwasher’s cycle, it increases the humidity of your kitchen to get the load dry. However, if you are also running your air conditioning, it will have to work harder to bring your home to a comfortable temperature. Even if you aren’t using your air conditioning, you may feel the need to turn it on if the dishwasher is on. At night it is cooler so you can leave it to wash your dishes while you sleep. If you find your dishes aren’t drying, the Appliance Doctor can take a look.

Find a Trustworthy Repair Service for Your Dishwasher

If you find your dishwasher interferes during the day or evening, you may consider using it at night. If you are trying to have a conversation, it can be disruptive. You might even have to turn your TV up to compete with the noise. If you program your machine to operate at night, it can lull you to sleep instead. If you find your dishwasher has suddenly become noisier, then let the Appliance Doctor diagnose and fix the problem.

Ensure Your Dishwasher Is Running Efficiently in NYC

If you are running your dishwasher at peak times, then you will be paying more for your power. Avoid the excess charges and delay your cycle to the middle of the night. You can usually program when you want it to run. Take advantage of this feature to save money. The Appliance Doctor can service your dishwasher and ensure it is running efficiently.

For all of your appliance repair needs, contact the Appliance Doctor in NYC.

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If you live in New York City, you should own a dishwasher. Perhaps you are limited with space in your kitchen, or you are time poor. A dishwasher will reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning. Modern dishwashers work efficiently to get your dishes clean and dry. If you have any problems with your machine, contact the Appliance Doctor. Here are five reasons why you need a dishwasher.

Dishwasher Repairs Are Easy with the Appliance Doctor

It takes no time at all to put dishes in your machine compared to the time required to wash each item individually. Time spent doing the dishes could be best spent doing something else. Not only will you save time but you can also save money. Dishwashers use significantly less water than filling the sink up. You’ll also notice improvements to your skin. Washing the dishes can lead to drying of the skin. When you put everything in your machine, you can simply set and forget. If your dishwasher isn’t working as it should then get it checked out by the Appliance Doctor in NYC.

Use the Appliance Doctor Anywhere in New York

Using a dishwasher is much cleaner than washing by hand. When you clean everything manually, you are limited to the temperature your hands can withstand. Whereas your machine can reach higher temperatures ensuring, its contents are thoroughly sanitized. Any remaining bacteria will be destroyed by the high temperatures ensuring your home is free from germs. This helps to stop the spread of illnesses and is particularly important for young children. In this way, your dishwasher can protect you and your family.

Find Expert Appliance Repair Specialist in NYC

Dishwashers make your kitchen look clean and tidy. If you are washing by hand, you may find yourself filling up the sink multiple times a day. Whereas when you use a dishwasher, you can stack your items and leave them in there until it’s full. The dishes are hidden, allowing your kitchen to look presentable. Looking at dishes stacked on the side isn’t a great look for you or your guests. They can help to finish off your kitchen and add value to your home. When you come to sell your home, they are an appealing feature as many enjoy the benefits of a dishwasher in the kitchen. If you are experiencing any problems with your machine, contact the Appliance Doctor for quick repairs.

Dishwashers are an essential appliance for your NYC home. They reduce time and money as well as spare your skin from dryness. They sanitize its contents and keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. If you are unsure, they are a great selling feature. If you have any issues with your machine, call the Appliance Doctor in New York.

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Being mindful of your water and power consumption is ideal for your bills and the environment. There are quick and easy ways you can achieve this. The Appliance Doctor has a team of experts ready to service and repair your washing machine. Here are four ways to save water and energy when using your washer in Yonkers.

The Appliance Doctor Shares Their Top Energy Saving Tips

If it’s time to upgrade your washing machine you may wish to have a look at front loaders. They can be up to 70% more efficient with water consumption than top loaders. Also, ensure you have filled your washer as they require the same amount of water to operate whether you have one item or a full load in there. If you intend to pop your laundry in the dryer after the wash cycle, then adjust your settings. Select the highest speed spin cycle to draw as much of the water out of your laundry. This ensures your dryer won’t need to waste energy to dry your load. If you are concerned about the amount of water your washer is using, contact the Appliance Doctor. We can take a look at your appliance in Yonkers or anywhere in New York.

Find Expert Washing Machine Repairs in Yonkers

Another way to save your bills and the environment is to wash with cold water. It requires energy to heat the water; however, it doesn’t clean as effectively. It causes a buildup which can then begin to appear on clothes as they’ve been through a cycle. To combat this, run an empty cycle with a cup of vinegar which helps to break it down. If you have any concerns with your washing machine contact the Appliance Doctor. Our team can perform efficient repairs all over NYC.

If you follow our advice, you can ensure your washing machine isn’t wasting water or energy. Your washer may experience problems from time to time and if you can’t get to the bottom of it, contact the Appliance Doctor in Yonkers.

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When dryers are doing what they are supposed to, they can save you time. However, they can fail to do their job. The Appliance Doctor is on hand to get your dryer working as it should in White Plains. Here are four common problems we see with dryers.

The Appliance Doctor Quickly Diagnoses Problems in White Plains

If the drum spins, but there is no heat to dry your laundry there could be a range of causes. It could be due to:

• Broken fuse
• Faulty temperature switch
• Problems with the thermostat
• Timer not working
• Bad heating coils

Examine your machine to find the source of the problem or use an appliance repair technician. As machines progress with the technology, they can get more complicated to fix. Leave it to the experts to extend the life of your dryer.

Get Your Dryer Fixed in NYC

A common issue we resolve is when the motor is running, but the drum isn’t spinning. Usually, this is due to a broken belt which we can easily replace for you. However, it’s not the only possible cause. We can check your roller as this often fails due to excessive wear and tear. There could also be an issue with the motor. It’s quite a complicated procedure to remove the motor and is best left to the Appliance Doctor. We can supply new parts for your machine in White Plains.

Use a Top Quality Repair Specialist

If you find your dryer is overheating, you need to address the issue. It can pose a danger and must be rectified straight away. Allow the machine to cool and check for the following problems:

• Build-up of lint in the vent
• Difficulties with the thermostat
• Faulty heating coils

Don’t continue to use until it has been repaired. The excessive heat can cause a fire. Assess the device yourself before proceeding to use. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and call out a technician in White Plains.

White Plains Residents Highly Recommend the Appliance Doctor

Perhaps your dryer isn’t working at all. The first thing you should do is check the power. Have a look at the timer and thermostat to ensure they are operating as they should be. It could also be a problem with the terminal block or the start switch. If you are having trouble finding the source of the problem, call the Appliance Doctor. We know exactly what to look for and will make replacements with top quality parts.

If you have any of the above issues with your dryer we have the expertise to fix them. You could attempt to fix them yourself, however, if you don’t know what to look for you could cause more damage. For peace of mind, use the Appliance Doctor for efficient repairs in White Plains and all across NYC.

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You don’t necessarily have to buy a brand new refrigerator when your old one needs replacing. There are plenty of good quality appliances in excellent working condition at a fraction of the price. You just need to know what to look for before you make your purchase. Before replacing, get your old refrigerator checked out by the Appliance Doctor. It could be cheaper to fix your old one than replace. Here are our three tips for buying a second-hand refrigerator in the Bronx.

Find an Excellent Refrigerator with the Appliance Doctor’s Advice

When you’ve found a few you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to ask questions and inspect it. Some things you might wish to ask about and check include:

• Size – make sure it fits your space
• The reason they are selling it
• What it looks like, both inside and out
• How old it is
• How well it functions
• If there is anything missing
• Check for odors

Bronx Residents Prefer the Appliance Doctor for Repairs

Two important factors are your budget and the quality. Research the brands and narrow down the refrigerator you would like, then get an idea of price and which ones are within your price range. It varies widely, and you can spend as little or as much as you like. However, price doesn’t always indicate the value of the appliance. Certain manufacturers have better reputations than others, so its always best to do your research.

Get Efficient Refrigerator Repairs in the Bronx

Figure out how you are going to transport the cooler to your home. It’s best to keep it upright during transit to protect the compressor. Organizing this beforehand can ensure the transaction goes smoothly. If you have any problems with the appliance once it’s home, the Appliance Doctor can assist all over New York City.

The top things to remember when buying a second-hand refrigerator is to ask the right questions and thoroughly check it over. Do your research to narrow down what you are looking for. This will enable you to get good value for your money. Have a plan of action to get it home. If you have any issues, contact the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx.

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There are a number of ways tell if your refrigerator seal needs replacing. If it does, you should organize a new seal straightaway as your appliance could be leaking cold air. You will notice it on your next power bill as it uses a lot of energy to maintain the correct temperature. The Appliance Doctor is New York’s number one choice for refrigerator seal replacements. Here’s how to determine whether or not you require a new seal.

Contact the Team at the Appliance Doctor for All of Your Repair Needs

Have a close look at your seals to see if they are cracked or torn. See if there are any gaps between the seal and the door. Inspect the seal for any discoloration or black mold. Examine the corners to see if they have warped. If you discover any of these changes then you will require a new seal. The Appliance Doctor can supply and fit a new seal regardless of the make or model of your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Repair in NYC Is a Job for the Appliance Doctor

Check the temperature of your refrigerator, if it is struggling to maintain the ideal temperature then your food may be spoiling. To operate at the correct temperature there should be no leaks. If you find there are, then call the Appliance Doctor as they can come to you all over New York City. This will save you money on your power bill as the motor uses more energy to cool when the seal is broken.

Find Experienced Refrigerator Repair Experts in New York

If your seals are no longer soft and supple and have turned hard then you will need to replace them. Check for water leakages or your refrigerator icing up. When you close the door, test whether it’s properly closes. If your power bill has suddenly increased, your refrigerator could be to blame.  If you’re experiencing any problems with your refrigerator in NYC, the Appliance Doctor can fix it. It’s a small price to pay to notice the difference on your power bills.

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