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No one wants to see mold growing in their refrigerator. However, it happens due to the conditions in your appliance, so it helps to know what to do. If you are looking for refrigerator repairs in the Bronx, call the Appliance Doctor. We are your local experts and have experience with refrigerators of all makes and models. Here’s how to combat mold in your refrigerator.

Get Your Refrigerator Repaired by Local Technicians in the Bronx

The moisture in your refrigerator along with minimal air flow provides the perfect conditions for mold to grow. You can find it on the interior walls and shelves, on food that is past its best as well as on the rubber door seal. Frequently clean your appliance and check these areas for mold. If you do find any, you can safely remove it. Firstly empty your refrigerator. Dispose of any foods that contain mold or have come into contact with the mold in your unit. If you have any other concerns about your unit, get in touch with our qualified technicians at the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx.

The Appliance Doctor Uses Quality Replacement Parts for Refrigerator Repairs

Make a solution of warm water and baking soda and soak a cloth in it before wiping down every part of your appliance. Pay particular attention where mold is visible. Wipe all of the shelves and drawers and any containers that have been in your refrigerator. After you have applied this mixture you should use a clean cloth and warm water to remove all traces of the baking soda. Dry the interior before replacing its contents. You may need to replace the gasket if you can’t remove the mold from all of the crevices. For quality parts in the Bronx, contact the Appliance Doctor.

It isn’t ideal to find mold in your refrigerator, however, by following our simple guide your appliance will be clean again in no time. If you have any other concerns about your refrigerator, our Bronx service team at the Appliance Doctor is ready to answer your call.

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Your dryer makes it easier for you to dry your clothes in record time. However, if yours is taking longer than expected there could be a problem. For all dryer repairs in Yonkers, call out the Appliance Doctor. We will be there fast and get your dryer working effectively again. Here are five reasons why your dryer is taking too long to dry.

The Appliance Doctor Provides Dryer Repairs in Yonkers

If your load is taking too long to dry, the first thing you should check is the vent. Clear away any lint build-up as this blocks the air flow. Aside from extending drying times, this is also a fire hazard. You should also check your sensor as this could be coated in residue from your dryer sheets. Clean the sensor with a cloth regularly to keep your appliance running efficiently. For professional cleaning of your vent or sensor, try the Appliance Doctor in Yonkers.

Yonkers Residents can Rely on the Appliance Doctor

Check your clothes before you dry them. Sometimes your washing machine is to blame if they aren’t spinning the load out enough. It should only be damp after the full wash cycle. If they are too wet, your dryer will have to run for longer wasting time and energy. You shouldn’t over fill your machine either. By doing this you put extra pressure on the components and you will need repairs frequently. Give your laundry enough room to spin and dry by opting for smaller loads.

Use a Qualified Technician for Dryer Repair in Yonkers

Another problem could be with your timer. It might not be staying on as long as it needs to or there could be an issue with the control panel. This will impact the length of the drying cycle. You can find reliable technicians in Yonkers as part of our Appliance Doctor team. We have quality parts and the experience to get your dryer working efficiently again. No matter what the problem is, we can find it and fix it.

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Appliance Doctor Featured Speaker at NASC Convention

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You don’t realize how much you rely on your dishwasher until it doesn’t get the job done anymore. If you have tried to fix them yourself and still can’t resolve the issue, try the Appliance Doctor for Manhattan dishwasher repairs. Here are four common dishwasher problems and how to tackle them.

Choose the Appliance Doctor to Tackle Your Dishwasher Problems

You may find your plastic containers are still wet after the cycle. Drying these by hand is one option although this can be time-consuming. Opt for the most thorough drying cycle when you have your plastics in your machine and fill your rinse agent dispenser with a quality product. Another problem rinse aid can help combat is water spots. The phosphates in your detergent can cause water spots and the rinse aid helps the water wash away rather than sticking to your glassware.

Get Your Dishwasher Repaired by Local Technicians in Manhattan

Buying your detergent in bulk might seem like a good idea, however, if you can’t use it within three months it might not be getting the job done. Detergent begins to break down after this period and won’t be as effective at getting the load clean. Assess how much you use and opt for smaller sizes if you know they won’t get used. The savings aren’t worth it if you can’t get the value out of the bulk buys. If the detergent isn’t the problem, contact the Appliance Doctor for fast and effective dishwasher repairs.

Manhattan Residents Rate the Appliance Doctor for Dishwasher Repairs

If you find your dishwasher is using lots of energy and produces a lot of noise then you might need to upgrade. Manufacturers of newer models have found ways to save water and power used to get the load clean. They have also made them noticeably quieter. Compare the money you could be saving by purchasing a new dishwasher. It may not be worth keeping your old machine running.

No matter what your dishwasher concerns are, the Appliance Doctor can help. We will come to you in Manhattan for dishwasher services and repairs.

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While it is more energy efficient to have a relatively full refrigerator than an empty one, you should avoid over filling it. When there is too much in your fridge you are blocking the air vents, reducing air circulation and compromising energy efficiency. If your unit makes any strange noises or stops working then you need to call the Appliance Doctor straight away. We will come to you in White Plains fast, to prevent food wastage. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t over fill your refrigerator.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Refrigerator Guide

When placing items in your refrigerator, you should avoid blocking the air vents. Blockages mean your unit won’t do its job which is unsafe for food storage. If you find you are over filling your refrigerator then you are compromising its ability to function. Instead of either filling your appliance, get a larger model or do multiple grocery shops throughout the week. If your refrigerator is no longer keeping food cool, you should hire a repair technician from the Appliance Doctor in White Plains.

White Plains Residents Should Call the Appliance Doctor

Consider the air circulating around the interior of your refrigerator. If you fill it up, the air won’t flow through the unit and some contents may not stay chilled. This could lead to food spoilage or food poisoning. For best results, your appliance should be well stocked without being too full. The Appliance Doctor can assess if your refrigerator is working effectively in White Plains.

Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently in White Plains

You should strive to maintain energy efficient appliances. If you overcrowd your refrigerator, you will compromise its effectiveness. Overfilling your unit requires more energy to try and keep the contents cool. An empty fridge also uses more energy to keep the interior chilled. Therefore you need to find the right balance to maintain a well-stocked refrigerator for energy efficient results. For all refrigerator queries in White Plains, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor.

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Your refrigerator isn’t something you would usually expect to be leaking water. However, if it does happen it presents a hazard in your kitchen that needs fixing right away. If you can find where the leak is coming from this will help determine the problem. For expert advice and repairs, call the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx, NY. Here are five top tips for fixing a leaking refrigerator.

Locate a Reputable Technician in the Bronx, NY

If you find water is leaking from the front towards the bottom you may find you have a clogged drain line. Simply unplug your refrigerator and take off the plastic guard at the front. See your manual if you have trouble locating or removing this. Look for a plastic tray and slide it out. If there is a buildup of ice just put in a sink or bucket and run warm water over the ice until it melts. Check if the leak is coming from the base of your appliance. This could indicate damage to the bottom drain pan or it could have become dislodged. Once you have rectified these your fridge should operate as normal.

Bronx Residents Trust the Appliance Doctor for Refrigerator Repair

Sometimes the water is coming from the back of the appliance. Unplug your refrigerator as it could mean a leaking water valve or line. Thoroughly check all parts of the water line, particularly for strong connections and small holes. If there are any issues with the water line, it will require replacing. If you are looking for quality parts and installation, the Appliance Doctor can assist in the Bronx.

Keep Your Refrigerator Free From Leakages in the Bronx

Check the bottom of your refrigerator, drips from here can be caused by faulty door gaskets. It is not uncommon for the seal to suffer from wear and tear which allows outside air to enter. This increases the moisture in your fridge which then drips down causing the drain pan to overflow. Make sure you are closing your refrigerator properly and wipe down any dirt. If there is still a leak, your door gaskets will need replacing. The Appliance Doctor provides quality, cost-effective parts for all makes and models of refrigerators in the Bronx.


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Your dryer is handy to have in your laundry as it can get your clothes dry faster than line drying. However, it reaches high temperatures which aren’t suitable for some fabrics. You might find certain items shrink or damage during the cycle. Other items can ruin an entire load. If you want to keep your dryer working efficiently in Yonkers, call the Appliance Doctor. Here are four fabrics that should stay out of your dryer.

The Appliance Doctor Will Come to You in Yonkers

If you are unsure if your garment can be put in the dryer, check the label. If you can see an icon of a dryer, then you can proceed to dry it. However, if you see a cross through it then the manufacturer is letting you know that air drying is your best bet. Typically, expensive and delicate fabrics such as cashmere and silk don’t fare well in the dryer. The heat is too harsh which can cause damage. These items are costly and it’s best to exercise caution and line dry them.

Reliable Dryer Repair Technicians are a Phone Call Away

It isn’t just delicate items that need to avoid machine drying and your robust wools need to steer clear too. This fabric is prone to shrinking in the dryer and should air dry for best results. You may wish to try a cool setting which is gentler on the fabric, however, the risk is usually against the manufacturer’s advice.

Choose the Appliance Doctor for Expert Dryer Repairs

Another fabric that should stay out of your dryer load is anything with plastic, rubber or PVC. The hot temperatures reached in the machine can melt these materials. Not only will it destroy the item in question but it could ruin the rest of the load. Avoid having to replace your entire wardrobe and leave these items out of the dryer. If you are in a hurry and want to dry something that shouldn’t really go in your machine then choose a cool setting. If your dryer is over heating or you have any other dryer queries, contact the Appliance Doctor in Yonkers.

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It is now more important than ever to save water and energy. Reduce your bills and impact on the environment by following our sustainability tips for your dishwasher. If you have any problems with your appliance in White Plains, the Appliance Doctor team is on hand for expert repairs. Here are five ways you can make your dishwasher more sustainable.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Guide

Ensure you fully load your machine every cycle. If it is only half full it still uses the full amount of water and power. Stack everything properly so that it all gets washed properly the first time. Follow sustainable practices and wait until it is fully loaded before setting. Also, ensure you are only scraping away food before washing and not rinsing. Running the water to rinse your dishes before a cycle is wasting water and not allowing your appliance to do its job.

White Plains Residents Recommend the Appliance Doctor

Take the time to thoroughly look through the instruction manual. It may be simple to use, however, by reading you might pick up a few ways you can use eco-friendly settings. This could include reducing water usage and lowering the temperatures. Another sustainable practice for your dishwasher is by making your own liquid or powder to wash your load. Essentially you can reduce the number of chemicals you are using.

Use an Experienced Technician for Dishwasher Repairs in White Plains

If you are buying a new dishwasher, one aspect you should consider is the energy star rating. This provides a comparison of each individual model’s energy efficiency. It will also provide an indication of the yearly energy consumption of the dishwasher. Ideally, choose a five-star appliance as you can save approximately 21,000 liters of water per year. This saves your water supply bills and lessens your impact on the environment.

These are a few of the ways you can ensure you are making your dishwasher usage sustainable. If you experience any problems, contact the Appliance Doctor for efficient service in White Plains.

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refridgerator repair in nyc

A refrigerator door that won’t close properly leads to excessive energy bills, leakages, and food spoiling. Therefore if you notice a problem you should get it fixed straight away. At the Appliance Doctor, we specialize in refrigerator repairs and will come to you in White Plains, the Bronx or wherever you are based in NYC. Here are three reasons why your refrigerator door won’t close properly.

The Appliance Doctor is the Top Choice for NYC Residents

When your fridge won’t close, the first thing you need to do is check there is nothing physically blocking the door. Then take a look at the door gasket as it may have become twisted or started to come away. If there is a problem with the seal, it may need replacing so that you can close your refrigerator. For quality parts for all types of units, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor in NYC.

Use a Local NYC Technician for Efficient Refrigerator Repairs

Another part to check is the door’s hinges. Not being able to shut the refrigerator could be due to misalignment. If you have the tools handy and feel confident with repairs, you can loosen the hinge and make adjustments then re-tighten. However, you can also leave this to the experts. Whether you are in the Bronx or White Plains we can come to you to identify and fix the problem.

Get Your Refrigerator Working Efficiently With the Appliance Doctor

You should also check the spacers on the hinges. If these are missing or have worn down this could also be the reason your refrigerator won’t close properly. Simply by inspecting your appliance, you should be able to work out what the problem is. At the Appliance Doctor, we have parts available for all makes and models and perform work to the highest standard in NYC. If you find your refrigerator isn’t closing properly you should have it looked at as soon as possible as you will be wasting unnecessary power and food.


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Ray Defino has been a force to reckon with since joining the Appliance Doctor in January of this year. As a 21-year old native of Yonkers, he has proved to be invested in learning the appliance repair industry in hopes of building a fruitful, lifelong career.

Before joining our team, Ray was no stranger to hard work having worked for a playground company that installed jungle gyms and trampolines. It was here that he learned that “hands-on” work was his forte and where he excelled.

Although new to the Appliance Doctor, owner Anthony Attanasio immediately noticed the fire in Ray’s spirit and saw the undeniable potential he possessed to become one of the greats. It wasn’t long after being hired by Anthony that Ray would find himself on a plane to Cleveland to attend a 3-week training course with Fred’s Appliance Academy.

“When I offered to send him to training for 3 weeks, there was no hesitation from Ray”, says Anthony. “Most young guys would be nervous about leaving their family and their comfort for that long, but Ray asked when he was leaving!”When not working or training with Appliance Doctor Senior technician Shawn Beguesse, Ray enjoys playing sports and watching the Yankees. When asked where he sees himself in 5 years he replied, “Working here at the Appliance Doctor perfecting my craft”. Bravo Ray!

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