Is Your Stove the Reason for All Your Burned Meals?

Is your stove really the problem when it comes to burned food? Sometimes it’s easy to get down on yourself and think that you’re just a bad cook. It doesn’t help when other people chime in and echo that sentiment, either.

However, there’s something that you might not have considered. All those burned dinners may not be solely your fault. In fact, your stove might be to blame far more than you are.

Are All Those Burn Meals Really Your Fault?

Everybody burns a meal from time to time. It happens. When you’re trying to juggle five or six things at once, something is bound to get overlooked. Sometimes, you have the perfectly planned meal and then the phone rings or someone comes to the door.

However, if you find that this is happening far too often and you really can’t find a legitimate reason for it, it might be because your stove isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

This is especially true if you’re one of those cooks that tends to hover over your meals in an attempt to make sure that everything comes out just right, yet your food is still coming out burned. If this happens to you on a fairly regular basis, it might be time to look at the possibility of having someone repair your stove and in some cases, even replace it.

Appliance Repair in New York City

When you live in New York City, you have a busy lifestyle and everything seems to be three or four times as expensive as it is everywhere else. As a result, most people put off having their appliances looked at until there’s no going back. Your appliances are not entirely unlike your automobile.


Trouble usually starts with something relatively small, which then morphs into something that’s not so small. The next thing you know, you’ve got a mess on your hands and you feel like the only way to deal with it is to simply get rid of it and start over. The same thing can happen with your appliances, including your stove.

Know When to Call it Quits with Your Old Stove

If your stove is acting up, one of the first signs is usually food that’s either burned or food that’s been sitting on that stove forever and it still isn’t ready. Obviously, these types of problems tend to happen more with electric stoves.

While electric stoves are great inventions, they can also be somewhat unreliable, especially if they’re not maintained and don’t receive any type of regular maintenance. That’s one reason why it’s important to how much you really need quality appliance repair in Manhattan. After all, it’s a lot more economical to repair the stove you already have than it is to be forced to buy a new one.

The very idea of having a stove that’s quietly sabotaging all of your attempts at making a good dinner for your family can be frustrating, to say the least. That’s precisely why you need Appliance Doctor programmed into the memory on your phone or added to the favorites on your browser. That way, you can call somebody that knows what to look for and what to do as soon as you start to suspect a problem.

Visit the company’s website,, in order to find out more about your stove.

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Could You be Damaging Your High-Efficiency Washer Without Knowing It?

Are you unknowingly damaging your high-efficiency washing machine? If you believe everything you hear, not to mention everything you read about these types of washing machines, you might start to wonder what you should and shouldn’t do.

If you’re like most people, you might even develop a relatively healthy fear of using the machine at all for fear that you’ll end up damaging it. Fortunately, it’s really not all that complicated.

The Difference Between High-Efficiency Washing Machines and Others

In reality, the biggest difference is that high efficiency machines are designed to use less water and less electricity when they’re being operated. They wash clothes slightly differently because they do use less water. Aside from that fact, they’re really not all that different. In fact, the biggest difference is that they’re capable of washing a load of laundry with a significantly smaller amount of water than older machines.

With that being said, product manufacturers have had a field day with this new line of washing machines. It seems like every time you turn on the television or flip open a magazine, somebody is telling you how you’re going to damage your brand new high-efficiency washing machine by doing something as simple as using the wrong detergent. This makes you wonder if you’re going to need appliance repair in the Bronx sooner rather than later.

Appliance Repair Bronx

Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world if you do need appliance repair. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every time you use that machine you’re doing something that will end up causing its demise, but it’s good to know that you have somebody reliable at your side like Appliance Doctor. That brand new high-efficiency washing machine is just that, a machine.

Sooner or later, it’s going to need to be repaired and it’s always a better idea to have someone you trust to do those kinds of repairs so that you’re ready when it happens as opposed to scrambling around looking for someone, all the while not knowing whether or not you can trust anything they tell you.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

It really comes down to reading the operator’s manual for your new machine and understanding how to use it, which is no different than it would be if you were using an older machine.

While it’s true that they make detergent that is specific to high-efficiency machines, it isn’t going to hurt your new machine if you use the same old detergent that you’ve used for years. If you happen to be partial to that product, it’s not going to cause a problem if you continue using it.

What’s the bottom line when it comes to operating your new high-efficiency washing machine? Basically, you don’t need to do anything much differently than you’ve ever done it.

Wash clothes like you normally wash them, use your favorite detergent and be sure to keep the machine clean by cleaning it out once a month. Again, you can buy the pricey products available on the shelves at the department store that are designed to clean high-efficiency washing machines or you can use that good old standby, fabric softener and warm water.

Your machine should last you for years as long as you take care of it. However, when the day comes that you are experiencing issues and you need help, you can rely on Appliance Doctor to get that help quickly and efficiently. Click on to find out more.

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Do You Need Appliance Doctor for Your Washer and Dryer?

How good is your washer and dryer really working? Do you ever wonder about this when you do a load of laundry and the washing machine starts bouncing all over the room, making terrible noises? Maybe you put a load of laundry in the dryer and they come out just as wet as they were when they went in. If you’re having these types of problems, the answer could be relatively simple, but you probably need a professional to come out and look at them in order to find the problem.

Appliance Repairs NYC

A lot of people panic when something goes wrong with their washer or dryer. This is understandable, largely because this is one of the appliances that you use most frequently in your home. If you have a large family, you’re probably doing several loads of laundry almost every day. Even if you’re by yourself, the cost of doing laundry at a laundromat can end up causing you to spend more money than you would spend on repairs if you just called someone to handle the situation as soon as it comes up.

Dryer Repair NYC

What should you do if you put wet clothes in the dryer, set them on the highest heat level for an hour, and come back to clothes that are still soaking wet? Obviously, you know you have a problem somewhere, but the question is, where is it? Do you have a blockage somewhere that is preventing the clothes from drying or is it a problem with the heating element?

If you don’t know anything about dryers to begin with, you’re probably chasing your tail if you try to figure out what is causing the problem on your own. In addition, it’s really not safe to do so. A dryer has a lot of electricity going to it so if you do something wrong or you don’t properly cut off the electricity that goes to it, you could be electrocuted. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Save Money in The Long Run

It’s understandable that you’re hesitant to call someone for repairs. When you need NYC appliance repair, you might be thinking that you can keep the appliance limping along for just a while longer or that you can somehow find the problem yourself. Unfortunately, this train of thought usually makes things worse. The problem isn’t going to improve without intervention and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up creating a lot of additional problems. This can cost you a lot of money that you could have otherwise saved. Therefore, calling someone for help right away can save you a lot of money that you might otherwise end up spending on additional repairs.

What you really need is a repair professional that knows about all the different types of dryers that are currently on the market and how to fix them. If you call Appliance Doctor or contact them on their website,, you can schedule a repair with a skilled professional that has the training and the knowledge to diagnose the problem correctly and then perform the correct repairs.

Instead of guessing or merely hoping that the problem won’t get worse, you can take some proactive steps to do something about it. When you consider how frequently you use appliances like your washer and dryer, it only makes sense that you would choose to do this. In reality, it’s the only real solution there is.

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Is Your Refrigerator in New York City Too Old?

Is your refrigerator a collector’s item? These days, it’s a popular trend to have refrigerators that look like the ones that were built 30, 40 or even 50 years ago, but it’s not so popular to have one that actually is from that era. In reality, you’re probably doing better than most if you actually have a refrigerator that’s been around that long and it still works. The question is, how long do you think you can keep it working?

Older Than Dirt?

This is a perfect phrase to explain those refrigerators that come from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. In reality, even refrigerators that were made in the 1990s are now approaching 20 years old. You have to start wondering at which point you won’t be able to keep the refrigerator going any longer. If you need refrigerator repair in the Bronx NY, it might be because you have one that is simply too old to keep doing the job it was designed to do. In some cases, you might be able to get it repaired and keep it going for a while longer. However, it just might be time to seriously consider getting a brand new one.

Repair or Replace

Sometimes, it can be hard to know exactly which course of action you should take. After all, refrigerators are not cheap. If you need to buy a brand new one, you’re looking at shelling out at least $600, and that’s for the most economical and smallest refrigerator that you can find.

Your only other option is to buy one that’s used, and then you might be purchasing one that has more problems than the one you already have. If you are replacing one of the larger, nicer refrigerators that have a lot of bells and whistles, you’re looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $3,000.

For that reason and that reason alone, a lot of people are tempted to make repairs so that their current refrigerator can keep going. However, refrigerators are a lot like an old car. You finally get to the point where you’re having something repaired on a weekly basis. In reality, you need a professional that is well-versed in refrigerator repair in Manhattan who can help you make the right decision.

A Trusted Professional

That’s why it’s so important to develop a working relationship with appliance repair professionals early on. You don’t want to take the advice of just anybody when it comes to a decision like this. Instead, you need to be able to talk to somebody that will give it to you straight, so to speak. Instead of trying to sell you something you don’t need, you want someone that knows what the best course of action is and that will be completely honest with you from beginning to end.

That’s why it’s so important that you find someone like Appliance Doctor. Visit their website by clicking on and find out just how easy it is to develop that relationship with a group of repair professionals that are second to none. The most important thing is that when you really need help the most, you have someone that you can go to right away instead of scouring the internet or the phone book for whoever shows up first on the list.

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What Should You Do with a Dishwasher That Isn’t Working?

The dishwasher is more than a mere convenience item. To this day, a lot of people think of dishwashers as nothing more than something convenient to have around. In the eyes of most individuals, it really isn’t a necessity. However, there are those times when it is so important that it makes the difference between having a good quality of life when it comes to your family or spending all of your time in the kitchen cleaning up a big mess. That’s why it’s so important to have one and it’s really important to make sure that it works correctly. It doesn’t do you any good to have a dishwasher on the premises if you can’t use it.

Dishwasher Issues

From time to time, dishwashers can experience a number of different problems. You might notice that it really isn’t getting the dishes as clean as it used to or it doesn’t dry them properly. In some cases, you start to notice small leaks that are occurring around the dishwasher or water ends up on the floor underneath it. Maybe it’s making some type of weird noise. In a worst-case scenario, you turn it on to wash a load of dishes and absolutely nothing happens. When you’re faced with these types of things, how do you know what to do next?

Is It Serious?

The reality of the situation is that you don’t really know whether or not the problem is serious unless you know how to fix dishwashers yourself. For someone that knows how they work and understands them on a more intimate level, they’re fairly simple machines. For someone that has no experience with them whatsoever, it can be fairly complicated.

In other words, you might end up doing more harm than good if you try to fix the problem on your own. That’s why it’s important to get dishwasher repair in Manhattan by someone you trust. In addition, you shouldn’t wait until there’s an obvious problem that’s getting worse day after day. When you need appliance repair New York NY, don’t hesitate to go ahead and call somebody right away.

Getting Help

When you need appliance repair in NYC, it’s just as important to call somebody that you trust as it is when it’s time to visit the doctor. After all, appliances are expensive and you don’t want someone working on them that’s going to make the problem worse instead of fixing it. If you don’t know where to find that type of help, it’s important that you decide who you will rely on when something breaks before it actually does. This can save you a lot of time and frustration in the end.

If you want to learn more about your dishwasher and the other appliances that you have in your home, consider clicking on and visiting the website for Appliance Doctor. Here, you can get great information, solid advice, and schedule repairs when needed. They’ll even help you when it comes to replacing your appliances if that’s what you need to do.

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Do You Need to Have Your Refrigerator Repaired in Yonkers NY?

There are few things more satisfying than a delicious, ice cold treat straight out of the freezer or refrigerator on a scorching hot day. Imagine pulling some ice cream out of the freezer and being able to cool off on a day where it seems like there is no place to get away from the heat. This is how things should be when your refrigerator and freezer are working the way they’re supposed to. However, what happens when you go to pull that delicious ice cream out of the freezer and all you get is a melted blob that turns into a mess all over your floor?

Potential Problems

Somehow, it seems like appliances never decide to break down at a time that’s convenient. Maybe that’s because there really isn’t a convenient time for such a thing. However, it seems like refrigerators always break right after you go to the grocery store and buy a whole bunch of perishable items right in the middle of summer, just like hot water heaters decide to stop working in the dead of winter. Whatever the case might be, there are some potential problems that might be occurring with your refrigerator.

If it’s not cooling, check to see if air vents are blocked, effectively keeping the motor from getting enough air to work properly. If you don’t typically clean underneath and around your refrigerator, this could be the problem. In addition, check for the obvious things. When you open the door, does the light come on? If it does, check the thermostat. If it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to check and make sure that the refrigerator is still plugged in. If you don’t find the problem there, check the circuit breaker. If you can’t find a solution in any of these places, it might be time to consider professional appliance repair in Yonkers NY.

Nailing It Down

How do you know if you should start thinking about calling someone for Yonkers appliance repair? Refrigerators can be complicated, especially if you don’t know anything about them. If you can’t find the problem in one of the aforementioned locations, it’s best to go ahead and call a professional and let them handle the situation. If the refrigerator isn’t cooling at all and you have a lot of groceries inside that are at stake, you need to get someone there as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you might need to get creative, namely by getting a lot of ice chests and a lot of ice, all so you can start moving things around until the problem is fixed.

Time Is Everything

You’ve probably heard that old saying that timing is everything. In this case, time is everything. You don’t have time to wait for someone to get there in two or three days. Unless you can comfortably afford to throw everything away and go out and buy all new groceries, you need somebody that can get there that day.

If you need help and you need it right now, the thing you should be doing is contacting someone like Appliance Doctor. They make it as easy as possible, and all you have to do is click on If you need help as fast as possible, and you want somebody that’s reliable and knowledgeable, you really don’t need to look anywhere else. You just need to contact them and get things rolling as fast as you can.

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Appliance Doctor Top 4 Reasons Your Fridge Freezes Food

Have you ever had the frustrating circumstance of your food being frozen in the fridge? If you are in need of refrigerator repair in the Bronx help is but a phone call away. Appliance doctor and his team are factory certified professionals for a host of well-known brands and can get your fridge up and running with fast affordable service. Here are the top four reasons the fridge will be freezing your food.

Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

On some models the refrigerator temperature is monitored by a temperature control thermostat. This gate keeper routes voltage to the condenser and evaporator motors to cool the air as needed. A faulty thermostat can leave the compressor running for an extended period forcing unmonitored cold air into the refrigerator compartment driving the temperature to well below freezing.

Adjusting the thermostat dial and listening for a click that shuts off the compressor will help you determine if the thermostat is working properly.

Faulty Thermistor

Some refrigerator manufacturers prefer to you a thermistor to monitor the fridge temperature. This is a small sensor or probe that is connected to the main control board. If this sensor is not functioning optimally it will send inaccurate readings to the condenser motor and evaporator causing them to run longer than they should much like the symptoms of a faulty control thermostat.

Faulty Temperature Control Board

A faulty control board can send unchecked continuous voltage to the condenser and evaporator motor. This fault although not as common will force these motors to run continuously forcing unrelenting refrigerated air into the fridge compartment. Left unchecked the risk of burning out these motors will increase and so will the repair bill.

Faulty Air Damper Control

The air damper control essentially is an electrically driven conduit that opens and closes to channel the flow of cold air to the fridge compartment. If this channel has malfunctioned it can remain open leaving cold air to flood the fridge compartment freezing your food.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Dryer May Not Be Heating

In the fast paced world we live in today the humble clothes dryer has become a necessity. For dryer repair in NYC Appliance doctor has been serving his community with speedy cost effective appliance repair and maintenance for over 30 years. If however you begin to notice signs your dryer may not be working to the level you’ve come to expect and your clothes aren’t being dried properly. Here are five potential causes your dryer isn’t working properly and the reason it may be time to call in an expert.

Appliance Doctor for Dryer Repair Manhattan

The first reason your dryer may not be heating is a blown thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is a safety device to protect the dryer from overheating. The fuse is normally located on the blower housing. Although some models have an additional fuse on the heating element. If the dryer overheats the fuse will blow and cut off the power to the heating element.
The failure of the thermal fuse is often caused by the venting system being clogged with lint. To improve air flow Appliance doctor recommends cleaning out the ventilation hose at least once a year.

Defective Heating Element

The heating element warms the air before it enters the dryers drum. If the element is burned out or any part of the dryer assembly is defective the dryer will not heat properly.
Faulty Thermostat

The high level thermostat located on the heating element monitors the dryer’s temperature and will shut the dryer off if the dryer overheats. The cycling thermostat normally located on the blower housing will cycle the heating element on and off to regulate the air temperature. If either thermostats fail the heating element may not work at all.

Incoming Power Problem

Dryers require 240volts of alternating current through two legs of voltage each carrying 120volts. If one leg of voltage is cut of due to a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse the dryer may be able to run but it won’t heat.

Defective Control Board

A defective main control board may prevent the dryer heating. Although this isn’t a common problem. The control board cannot be easily tested but it can be inspected for signs of burning or shorted out components.

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Appliance Doctor Tips on Maintaining Your Washing Machine

If you have just purchased a new washer or you are trying to prolong the life of your existing unit Appliance doctor is here with a few tips to keep your washer running at its best. We understand that not everyone has the capacity or ability to perform routine maintenance on their appliances. If you are in need of washing machine repair in New York City the choice is simple and only a phone call or email away for same day service by the specialists at Appliance doctor. If you are outside the range of Appliance doctor follow these practical steps to give your washer a clean bill of health.

Appliance Doctor for Washing Machine Repair in Yonkers

Inspect the water hoses to make sure they are undamaged. Regardless of their condition these hoses should be replaced every five years. You can also install stainless steel braided hoses for enhanced durability. Be sure to turn off the hot and cold water valves before installing the hoses.

Another important procedure is to level the washer’s legs. Most washing machines use adjustable legs with locking nuts. Level and tighten these legs as close to the washers base as possible. Some washers also have self-adjusting rear legs. Once you’ve leveled the front legs tip the washer forward and back down to set the rear legs. Use a spirit level to confirm your washer is level and stable.

Appliance Doctor Recommends Keeping the Drum Clean

Consider using self-cleaning washer tablets during an empty wash cycle to keep the tub or drum free of lint, residue and mold. If you have a front load washer you need to wipe down the door boot and leave the door open slightly after every load to prevent mold build up.

Following these few simple guidelines routinely will help keep your washing machine running efficiently for a considerable amount of time. For washing machine repair in White Plains and Yonkers Appliance doctor can provide same day house calls to give your washer a checkup and schedule your appliances for routine maintenance.

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Appliance Doctor Tips on Finding an Appliance Repair Specialist

If you find yourself in a situation where you need an appliance repair company what should you look for and what is the best and most hassle-free way to get your repair needs taken care of? If you need appliance repair in New York City your choice is easy and simple to arrange by calling the Appliance Doctor or going online at If you live outside of New York here are some time-tested tips to aid you in your search for an appliance repair company in your area.

Appliance Doctor – Local Experience Matters

The moment you jump on google and search for appliance repair in your area the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Choosing an appliance repair company with more than a decades worth of local experience is a good place to start. Statistically, if a business is going to fail it will fall by the wayside in the first five years.
Appliance repair companies that have endured a longer tenor have proved they know how to do the right thing by there customers and understand the demographic they are doing business in.

Whilst competing companies may differ in there approach experienced local repair firms can often see to your repair needs faster and source parts locally saving you time and money.

Appliance Doctor – Are They Factory Certified

Appliance repair companies that have been around a while have seen a thing or two. As with most mechanical devices, certain models and brands have patterns of failure or malfunction. Experienced factory trained and certified technicians will have a good understanding of the problem before stepping foot in your home.

With one phone call or email, an issue can often be diagnosed before a technician packs his tools and heads to your house. A brief explanation of the current fault along with the brand and model number can save you time and money. Factory certified technicians are experts on the brands they service and carry genuine parts and use diagnostic equipment to quickly get to the heart of the issue.

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