Ray Defino has been a force to reckon with since joining the Appliance Doctor in January of this year. As a 21-year old native of Yonkers, he has proved to be invested in learning the appliance repair industry in hopes of building a fruitful, lifelong career.

Before joining our team, Ray was no stranger to hard work having worked for a playground company that installed jungle gyms and trampolines. It was here that he learned that “hands-on” work was his forte and where he excelled.

Although new to the Appliance Doctor, owner Anthony Attanasio immediately noticed the fire in Ray’s spirit and saw the undeniable potential he possessed to become one of the greats. It wasn’t long after being hired by Anthony that Ray would find himself on a plane to Cleveland to attend a 3-week training course with Fred’s Appliance Academy.

“When I offered to send him to training for 3 weeks, there was no hesitation from Ray”, says Anthony. “Most young guys would be nervous about leaving their family and their comfort for that long, but Ray asked when he was leaving!”When not working or training with Appliance Doctor Senior technician Shawn Beguesse, Ray enjoys playing sports and watching the Yankees. When asked where he sees himself in 5 years he replied, “Working here at the Appliance Doctor perfecting my craft”. Bravo Ray!

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As many of you know from following our newsletters, Assistant Office Manager Alana Attanasio adopted Gino (the Pitbull/Pug/Lab/ Boston Terrier mix) from an animal rescue in Georgia in February of 2016. Well, this January Gino celebrated his 1st birthday with his new family and all of his friends here at the Appliance Doctor.

Gino can be seen (and heard) roaming the office of the Appliance Doctor everyday Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. If you are speaking with one of our customer service representatives and hear some barking in the background, don’t fret; it’s just our trusty guard dog chasing off the “mean” mail lady and the FEDEX delivery man.

Since adopting Gino and having him as a part of the Appliance Doctor, he helps to bring some relief to the stressful work day and the seriousness of running a business.

So, if you’re ever having a rough day, come visit us in Yonkers for some good ol’ puppy kisses. Happy Birthday Gino! Here’s to many more years of wet kisses, chasing tails, and bringing joy to everyone you encounter.

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With Memorial Day just behind us, the Appliance Doctor wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those who have put their lives on the line for the safety of their fellow Americans and their nation as a whole.

Two cousins of Anthony Attanasio have made this their mission by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, following in the footsteps of their father Phillip Perrorazio, a Veteran of the Vietnam War.

Nicholas and Martina Perrorazio chose the path of the Marines shortly after graduating High School. Martina is home after 2 years in Okinawa, now assigned to Camp Pendleton, California, and Nick, a Marine Raider, are two brave souls who make not only their family, but their nation extremely proud.

Thank you to those who risked their lives, and those who have sacrificed them to keep all of us at home safe.

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As you run your refrigerator non-stop, it encounters a lot of wear and tear. With proper care, it can still run like a dream after a decade of use. For all maintenance queries in White Plains, contact the Appliance Doctor. We have experience with a vast range of makes and models. Here’s how to keep your groceries fresh with regular maintenance.

Maintain Your Refrigerator with the Appliance Doctor

Don’t wait until you’re motor stops running and you find a week’s worth of spoiled groceries. Schedule an annual visit from the Appliance Doctor to ensure your refrigerator is in top condition. Our professionals can check your thermostat as it might not be performing as it should. This leads to it working harder, requiring more power usage to achieve the ideal temperature. We can also provide advice on the optimum temperature as you may have set the thermostat too high. Aim to keep your food safe while ensuring the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Extend the Life of Your Refrigerator in White Plains

Your local appliance repair expert will also clean and inspect the coils during their visit. Problems with your condenser coils tend to lead to inefficiency, putting extra pressure on the unit. Your refrigerator requires the coils to be free from dirt and dust to function properly. You might be surprised the effect of cleaning your coils has on your power bills. Plus you can also increase the longevity of your appliance. The Appliance Doctor can visit you in White Plains or anywhere else in NYC to service your refrigerator.

Rely on the Experts for Refrigerator Maintenance in NYC

If you experience any difficulties with your fridge it is vital you call someone out sooner rather than later. A simple repair can save you more than if you leave it and it stops working suddenly. At the Appliance Doctor, we will find the cause and provide cost-effective repair solutions to fix it. If you live in White Plains, give our friendly team a call.

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There is a lot to consider when picking your new refrigerator. Aside from makes, models, and styles, there are also additional features. Often they don’t cost too much more, however, can boost the functionality of your unit. For all of your refrigerator repair queries get in touch with the Appliance Doctor in Manhattan. Here are five optional features for your refrigerator.

Consider the Appliance Doctor’s Refrigerator Advice

To keep your groceries fresh you keep your fridge plugged in 24/7. This uses a lot of energy so you should consider your unit’s efficiency. Compare the energy star rating for your chosen models. If an appliance has an energy star rating, you can expect that it is at least 20% more efficient than the government standard. This can save a lot over time on your electricity bills.

Some models have a freshness technology feature. This ensures you don’t have to worry about food spoiling. Don’t throw out food by keeping it fresher for longer. Freshness technology also strives to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold

Find Efficient Refrigerator Repair in Manhattan

Look inside your chosen refrigerator and check the compartments. Shelves and bins that pull out can help you in the kitchen. It makes your groceries more accessible. These are costly but can make your day to day life easier.

Stainless steel is another optional extra you can choose from. It looks great and compliments modern kitchens and other stainless steel appliances. For small budgets, there are faux options that can help you achieve visual appeal at a fraction of the price.

The Appliance Doctor is Manhattan’s Top Repair Specialist

You may wish to get a refrigerator with an integrated water filter. This prevents the need for water bottles. It provides readily available water which tastes better and reduces the chlorine and heavy metals typically found in tap water. If you experience any problems with your appliance or its features, hire the Appliance Doctor in Manhattan. We come to you for quick and top quality repairs.


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When your dryer stops working it might not seem like a big deal at first. However, your laundry will soon start to pile up, and you may find there isn’t enough room on the clothes line. Therefore you will need to get it sorted as soon as possible. The Appliance Doctor can assist with all dryer repairs in Yonkers. Here are four reasons why you might need dryer repair services.

Solve Your Dryer Problems with the Appliance Doctor

The drive motor makes your machine operatorate. It is responsible for rotating the drum and the blower. Before it stops working, a telltale sign that there is a problem is if it starts to hum during a cycle. You shouldn’t ignore any strange sounds as these could signify a range of issues. If the motor needs replacing, the appliance usually won’t start at all.

If you are pressing the start switch and nothing is happening, it could be the button. If there is something wrong with this button, then nothing will work. Unfortunately, problems occur, so it’s a good idea to have your local technician’s number on hand. New York residents can feel confident hiring the Appliance Doctor. We come to you whether you are in Yonkers, the Bronx or anywhere in NYC.

Yonkers Residents Choose the Appliance Doctor for Dryer Repairs

Your dryer is fitted with a thermal fuse as it prevents your dryer from overheating. It is a safety measure so that if the fuse blows it will no longer operate. Although this is frustrating, it prevents this appliance from causing a house fire.

For your dryer to run, it needs to be closed. You will find there is a door switch to let your machine know it is closed. If there is a malfunction and your appliance can no longer detect that it isn’t shut then the cycle won’t start. This is another safety feature that you shouldn’t override. A simple repair from the Appliance Doctor in Yonkers will have your dryer running in no time.

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You might think that all you can put in your washing machine is clothes. However, while some items should stay out of your washer, there are a few things that can benefit from a thorough cycle. If your machine starts making a noise or leaking, then it might be time to call the Appliance Doctor in NYC. Here are four items you add to your washer.

Select a Reliable Team of Repair Technicians in NYC

If you are a pet owner, you can add its leash and collars to your next cycle. Just use a gentle detergent that won’t affect your pet’s skin. However, check the fabric of these items as anything made of leather should be hand washed. You might want to leave anything with decorative items out too as these may fall off during the cycle.

Another thing you could add is your children’s stuffed animals. These tend to be taken everywhere and anywhere and are prone to getting dirty. They are made from similar items to your regular laundry, and it’s a great way to freshen up your child’s well-loved soft toys. If there are other parts sewn on and you are worried how they will fare during the cycle, place them in a pillowcase to protect them during the wash.

The Appliance Doctor can Fix Your Washing Machine in NYC

Next time you are washing your towels, add a pair of shoes that need cleaning. The towels will cushion the noise. Only include shoes made from fabric or plastic. Leather needs to stick to hand cleaning with suitable products.

If they fit, you can clean your rugs in the washing machine. They have a lot of foot traffic, so if you can, they should be cleaned once every four weeks. Keep your house sanitary with the help of your washer.

There are many more things you can clean with the help of your washing machine. With so many purposes you should maintain your washing machine with regular services. For a local technician in NYC, call the Appliance Doctor.

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It is always best to do everything you can to prevent the need for repairs. Being without a washing machine can be inconvenient, and your laundry will soon pile up. If you are in Yonkers, you can call the Appliance Doctor as they will have your washer fixed straight away. There are a few simple things you can do in the form of preventative maintenance to increase your appliances longevity. Here are four ways you can help maintain your washing machine.

Yonkers Residents Depend on the Appliance Doctor for Washer Repair

Listen to the sound your washer makes during a cycle. If it is excessively noisy, then check it isn’t moving around. This could be due to overfilling your washing machine. Reduce your load size to prevent vibrations that are detrimental to your appliance. If you can’t work out the problem, have the Appliance Doctor take a look.

You should also check the water temperature to ensure you aren’t damaging your load. Some garments require warmer temperatures than others, so it’s important you are running them on the right cycles. Watch your machine fill up and determine if it is enough to wash your clothes. If your washer isn’t providing sufficient water, it might be time to get an expert on the case.

The Appliance Doctor Can Fix Your Washing Machine Anywhere in NYC

Your washing machine should be level at all times. If the ground is uneven alter the feet or use a wedge to rectify it. Leaving a washer unlevel can cause damage to some of the components and reduce the life of the appliance. Use a spirit level to ascertain if it is level.

Take a look at your fill and drain hoses. These can loosen over time, so it’s a good idea to check they are still properly connected. Simply tighten them to ensure your appliance is in good working condition. If you have any queries about the way, your washing machine is working contact the Appliance Doctor in Yonkers.

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refridgerator repair in nyc

Over the years refrigerators have changed in shape and features on offer. Today there are many different makes and models available. The most popular style are those with French doors. The Appliance Doctor in the Bronx has the know-how to repair and service units of all styles. If you are looking for a new fridge here are four of the benefits that make the French door style a popular choice amongst NYC residents.

Reach out to the Appliance Doctor in the Bronx for Refrigerator Repairs

We have become accustomed to convenience, and the French door refrigerator offers this. It is easy to see everything in your fridge as it is all at eye level and you don’t have to bend down to get to your crisper drawers. The freezer pulls out like a drawer which ensures you can easily access your frozen goods.

Their design makes your kitchen appear bigger. This is due to the side by side doors as they are slimmer than a single door so they don’t swing out too far. Even if someone is opening the fridge, others can still walk around in the kitchen. However, you still get maximum refrigerator space.

Find a Repair Specialist for Your Appliances in the Bronx

You can save energy by choosing a french door model. When you open your unit, you are letting cold air out which makes it work harder to achieve the right temperature again. However, with the French doors if you only open one door you are only exposing half of the fridge. This allows your appliance to retain the cool air and requires less energy to maintain its ideal temperature.

There are plenty of flexible storage options with french door refrigerators. In contrast to side by side doors, the inside is one space, so you have the full width of the appliances for large flat items such as fruit platters. Adjust the shelves and drawers to suit your needs and make the most of the space.

French door refrigerators provide convenience, more space in your kitchen, save energy and flexible storage options. If you reside in the Bronx, choose the Appliance Doctor for your refrigerator repair needs.


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Dishwashers have become an essential appliance in kitchens all over NYC. However, there are still myths about dishwashers that see people avoiding them or using them incorrectly. If your unit isn’t working properly, contact the Appliance Doctor. Here are four of the top dishwasher myths dispelled so that you can use your machine with confidence.

The Appliance Doctor is Available for Repairs in NYC

Many dishwasher owners feel the need to pre-rinse their load to ensure effective cleaning. However, this simply isn’t true. Your machine and the products you use work together to break down the dirt on your dishes. If you are putting clean dishes in for a cycle, there is nothing for the cleaners to latch onto. By pre-rinsing, you are creating extra work for yourself and not using your machine to its full potential. If you are using your dishwasher correctly and your load is still not clean then get in touch with the Appliance Doctor in New York.

Some think that operating a dishwasher isn’t an eco-friendly option. They feel washing by hand is an environmentally friendly option. However, hand washing uses at least double the amount of water than the machine. It also uses less energy to heat a smaller volume of water.

Find Quality Dishwasher Repair Experts in NYC

Another myth will have you believe that dishwashers are filled with bacteria. Essentially bacteria can be present anywhere. However, your appliance is more hygienic than your kitchen sink. Dishcloths and sink drains provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Your appliance can reach higher temperatures that kill bacteria than your hands can handle when manually washing.

Some people think that if they select a shorter cycle that they are conserving energy. However, your machine has a range of cycles to suit different loads. Try and put similar loads on to boost efficiency. Running shorter than needed cycles result in needing to put dishes through an additional cycle or wash them by hand. For expert advice on your machine contact the Appliance Doctor in NYC.

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